Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Mr Giblets

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Patient: Mr Giblets

Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Mr Giblets

First things first, run that stapler over the large wound. Then grab the Zippo and run it along all four wounds. Now get the healing salvo and rub it over the same wounds. Use the circular saw to open up the next section.

Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Mr Giblets

Using the forceps, remove the two pieces of glass from each wound with a very quick swipe in the direction the glass went in. Next, staple up the three large wounds. Once these are sealed up, use the Zippo on every cut - big and small - then run the green painkiller over the wound to go back to the surface.

Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Mr Giblets

Finish up here by stapling, using the Zippo, then applying the healing salve. Voila!

Bonus I

To pick up the first bonus star, you'll need to play through the mission without making a single mistake. Just keep practicing using our advice above.

Bonus II

This time around you've got just one minute to save Mr Giblet from meeting his maker. Work quickly so you don't have to waste any time applying adrenaline shots.

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