Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Neil File

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Patient: Neil File

Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Neil File

First of all, use the chainsaw on the crusty concrete on the right-hand side of the patient. Now use the stapler on the large wound. Next, use the Zippo on every cut and wound. Now apply the healing salve to the small cuts, the larger wound, and the chainsawed section of the torso.

Make an incision with the circular saw to proceed to the next section of the level.

Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Neil File

Apply the chainsaw to the crusty part of the patient, then heal up with the green goo. Now use the chainsaw to slowly cut around the series of yellow lines that appear. Use the forceps to remove all three pieces, then pop the new organ in. Cauterize around the black dotted line and apply the healing salve to head back to the top-side of the patient.

Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Neil File

Staple up here, cauterize and heal, then use the circular saw to get down to the next level of the operation.

Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Neil File

Use the chainsaw to clear away the two spots of debris, then staple up the large wound. Apply the Zippo to all of the cuts and wounds, then apply the healing goo to all affected areas.

When prompted, use the chainsaw to cut around all the yellow lines on the left-hand lung, then remove the pieces with the forceps, replace with a healthy organ, then cauterize and heal up. Repeat the process for the right-hand lung.

Amateur Surgeon 3 Patient Guide: Neil File

Once back on the top layer of the patient, simply staple up, cauterize and heal to complete the operation.

Bonus I

There's nothing fancy about this challenge, but you need to know what you're doing if you're to beat the two minute time limit. Here's a tip - if you're fast enough to complete the operation in this amount of time, you won't need to inject any adrenaline - so don't waste time topping up the patient.

Bonus II

You'll need to complete the operation without making a single mistake to take home this prized star. Take things very slowly, and don't be afraid to make use of injections to buy yourself all the time you need.

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