Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Beginner's Guide

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Gameplay Basics

Map: The main map shows all of the territory you've unlocked as well as those that have still yet to be cleared. These are denoted by a gray fog swirling around the area. Continue rescuing animals and recruiting them for help to travel to these areas.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Map

The Islands: The main island is where you'll begin playing with a couple animal companions. There are squares scattered across the game board with animals trapped inside them. These icon squares act as landmarks, as well as animal homes, your farm, the docks, and any other structure you'll build over the course of your game.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Islands

Your animals: As you explore the island, you will rescue animals and befriend them. Once you have built them a home, they will aid in your crusade and travel around the map with you. Tap an animal and tap the spot on the map you want them to go to in order to control them. They will move automatically to their assigned location if in close enough proximity

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Animals

Animal abilities: Your team of animal allies can perform different tasks, such as clearing grass, rescuing other animals, clearing tees, etc. These actions consume leaf points, which are restored by feeding the animals. Simply tap on the animal to offer up food, which will restore stamina points.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Animal abilities

Buildings: The buildings you place back at the main island hub range from animal homes to farms that grow special crops and food items. As you progress, you'll be able to purchase more plots and building types. These will consume crystals and coins, so choose what you want to place wisely.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Buildings

Exploration: There's no set order for how you need to approach opening new areas and completing new objectives, though it's prudent to keep in mind that specific actions do require a short cool-down period. When you build an animal a shelter, you must wait for the building to be completed before you can complete other aspects of a quest. This is due to the nature of the F2P game, and if you are willing to wait it out while resources regenerate, objectives can be slowly cleared out.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Quest

Quests: As you progress, you will unlock new quests. A log of quests can be found on the left side of the screen. Simply tap for a list of what you're working on and what needs to be finished next. This is helpful for finding where you left off after a lull in gameplay, so utilize this quest log often. It will help keep you organized and aid you in allocating funds that are sometimes difficult to earn.

Animal Rescue: Once you clear out enough debris, tall grass, and other impedances, you can actually get to the animals you need to rescue. Simply tap on the animal's cage/makeshift shelter to attempt to rescue them. You will be asked to complete a puzzle akin to Bejeweled and other match-three games. A list of items you need to collect by matching similar shapes will be at the right of the game board. You have a set amount of moves to collect a specific number of items on the board via matching three or more like-items in order to complete the game. Once the game is finished, you will have completed the rescue.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Animal Rescue

Tips and Tricks

Take it slow. If you're diligent about clearing out new areas, you will be able to enjoy the game without spending a premium amount of real-world cash. It will be tantalizing to put down cash to unlock new paths and animals sooner, but you can enjoy the game at a slower pace for free, if that's your thing.

Be smart about your animal recruiting. Stay mindful of the zones your new recruits can clear, and purchase them accordingly. You never know what kind of terrain you'll unlock, so plan to have an ally that's suited for all types – doing so will cut down on your wait time and the need to specifically rescue different animals simply to expand.

Make sure to always keep a stash of food, even early on in the game when that simply means growing blueberries over and over. Feeding your animals restores their energy, which allows you to either use them for various tasks (such as chopping trees or digging up grass) or to play the match three games with them.You can unlock more spots to grow your food by finding shovels, to speed up the process. You can find shovels randomly when you clear obstacles such as grass and trees, and you can also earn them from crates that are on the various explorable islands. You can unlock different types of food by finding the bush that said food grows on at whatever island you're on.

Every animal has a different match-3 game that you can play with them. The games get progressively more difficult for each animal that you unlock; however, the more difficult ones are also the ones that will earn you the most coins and experience points. If you need more leaves for an expansion, save your energy by not playing the match-3 games so that you can use all of your energy on cutting down trees, grass and other plant obstacles.

If you buy decorations, think long and hard about where you want to put them before you place them. Once you place decorations, you can't sell them and you can't move them. However, they're about all that you can actually place wherever you want, so you won't be blocking any space by placing decorations.

You can get more leaves simply by clearing out the grass and the trees and other obstacles, so if you are running out on leaves, sail out on a voyage back to any one of the islands that you're exploring or that you already have explored. Also, the gold crates hold items that are required to build or repair a necessary structure to complete a quest, such as a bridge or a lighthouse. The brown crates hold shovels, coins, or other random items, some of which actually are necessary to complete repairs as well.

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