Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Currency Guide: Gold Coins, Leaves and Crystals

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There are three types of currency available in Animal Voyage: Island Adventure that can be used to purchase items, upgrades, and other additions to your island getaway for your furry friends.

Animal Voyage: Island Adventure

Gold Coins: This is the basic game currency which can be used to purchase decorations, build animal homes, and purchase additional items that can be used to upgrade your facilities and structures. These can be purchased with real-world currency if you find yourself in need of more. Your animals' completed habitats will generate coins and experience during a set amount of time that you can collect by tapping them, which is one reason you'll want to rescue and house as many animals as you can.

The newer the animal is, the more coins (in general) their match three game will earn you, and the more difficult the game is, the more coins that you'll earn from it. Easy match three games won't earn you too many coins, but difficult ones will. The medium difficulty games are the best compromise, because you can still win fairly easily (and if you lose, you don't earn any coins.Coins can be earned in a number of other ways as well. When you complete quests, you'll earn coins almost every time. Coins can be found in the crates that you find around the islands (mostly in the regular brown crates). Animal homes earn coins for you, so whenever you see a coin icon appearing above an animal home, you can collect.

Leaves: Leaves are earned like Gold Coins and can be used to expand the territory on the island that you own. This in turn grants you more Leaves, which can also be earned by clearing out the patches of grass found across the game map. When you tap the grass, it will be added to your Leaves total.

Crystals: Crystals are the premium currency of Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, and several items can be purchased with them. They allow you to purchase more structures, animal types, buildings, and you can even use them to complete jobs or other directives early. They are a very elusive form of currency that should be spent wisely.

Purchasing additional currency: You can purchase gold coins, leaves, or crystals by tapping the "market" button at the bottom right corner of the screen. The Crystals tab will display all three currency types and their respective prices in a green "buy" rectangle. Crystals must be purchased with real-world currency, leaves must be purchased with crystals, and gold coins must be purchased with crystals as well. Buying additional currency is not required, however as this is a F2P game, there will be some waiting attached to later progression in the game should you choose not to pay.

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