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Astro Boy Dash is a new endless runner game from Animoca, one that's based on the popular anime hero who first made his debut back in the 50s. Here's some advice on how to unlock some of the better power-ups in the game, as well as how to collect coins.


How do I earn gems in Astro Boy Rush?

You'll acquire gems by completing missions that are given to you throughout the game. These involve fairly basic tasks, such as "Collect 100 coins," "Score 25,000 points" and "Run 1000 meters." You can use them to unlock certain characters in the game.

If your run is stopped for whatever reason, and you want to keep going, you can spend a few gems to restart Astro. You'll earn a bonus gem the first time around as a "resurrection" reward, so giving it a shot once doesn't hurt - just be careful not to waste them after that.

How do I collect coins in Astro Boy Dash?

Coins are littered throughout each stage. You'll spot them laid out in strings along the track, either to the left, right or down the middle. Sometimes you'll have to jump in the air to collect them, but you'll want to make sure you're not falling right back down into an oncoming obstacle. There are plenty of coins to go around, and not all of them are worth stopping your run for.


How does the gameplay work in Astro Boy Dash?

You tilt your device to the left or the right to move Astro across the lanes. You swipe upwards to make him jump, downwards to make him crouch under fences and overhead objects, and left or right depending on which way you want him to turn.

Be warned that the game moves at a very fast pace. If you're not careful - or quick enough on the controls - your run could end in quite a hurry. Make sure you keep an eye out for what's ahead of you at all times.


What characters can you unlock in Astro Boy Rush?

You'll automatically receive the main character, Atom, from the start. Next up is the pretty female character Uran. You can unlock her for 270,000 coins. She has the same abilities as Atom, but some anime fans may find her worth unlocking for the collection

The other two characters are modified versions of Atom - one in a full shirt and jeans outfit, and the other in a special robotic costume. Again, the differences are only cosmetic, although some fans will strive to unlock them all. The fully dressed Atom will cost you 20 gems and the robotic one will cost you 40 gems.

How does the magnet power-up work in Astro Boy Rush?

Magnets enable coins to be drawn towards you, and they upgrade as you run further into the game - first at 100 meters, then at 250 meters, and so on. You can also unlock all tiers of this power-up for 3,000 coins.

How does the bonus coin power-up work in Astro Boy Rush?

You'll earn this fun little coin boost by collecting a certain number of coins on each stage - starting at 50, then moving on to 75, and so on. It also can be unlocked fully for 3,000 coins.

How does invisibility work in Astro Boy Rush?

This renders you invisible for a few seconds in a stage, letting you pass through objects with ease. You'll need to first reach 150 meters to unlock it, then moving on to 250 meters and so on. Again, you can drop 3,000 coins to get through all five levels.

How does the flying boost work in Astro Boy Rush?

This helps you jet over more dangerous parts of each track. It pays to boost your character in this department as well, something you can do for 1000 coins. You'll earn this boost after running 150 meters, then 250, and so forth. You can also spend 3,000 coins here to unlock the whole thing.

How does the double coins power-up work in Astro Boy Rush?

This gives you double the coin count after reaching a certain distance in the run. This starts at 1,500 meters, then shortens with each run, down to 1,000 and so on. Again, an option to buy out at 3,000 coins is available.

How can I get a better boost ahead in Astro Boy Rush?

Go to the store and look up utilities. Here, you can buy a 400 meter or 800 meter headstart in a stage. You'll need to spend 1,000 coins for the 400, and 15,000 coins or 2 gems for the 800-meter. Gems are obviously cheaper.



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