Batman: Arkham Origins FAQ, Walkthrough & Beginner's Guide

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Batman: Arkham Origins is a tie in with the console games of the same name, but unlike those games, which are action-adventure games, this one is a pure fighting game, putting Batman against a horde of “assassins”, all of whom are stirring up massive amounts of trouble in Gotham and trying to “kill the Batman”, as the Joker once said.

This game is fairly simple and straightforward, but it goes from very easy to very difficult rather quickly. Early on in the game, you will be introduced to the fighting controls. You have to fighting stances that you can switch between, the assault stands and the guarded stance. The assault stance is a more attack oriented stance, while the guarded stance focuses on Batman’s defense.

In both stances, you have one basic attack, which can be activated by pressing the button in the lower right corner of the screen. Press the button rapidly, and you will execute a combo attack. The first three hits in the combo are done simply by pressing the button three times, but for the fourth, fifth, and sixth hit of the combo, you will need to swipe in the direction indicated by the arrow on the screen in order to complete the attack.

The button in the lower left corner of the fighting screen is the block button. If you press and hold of the block button before you get hit, you will take less damage, whether you are in the assault stance or the guarded stance.

The buttons across the bottom of the screen are the special attack buttons. You start off with one special attack for each stance, the Escalating Justice attack for the assault stance, and the health boost for the guarded stance. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more special moves; A total of four different moves for each of your two stances.

Each of your special attacks as a different technique that is required in order to do the maximum amount of damage. For example, with escalating justice, you have to swipe rapidly to the side that is indicated by the arrow on the screen. For the steadfast strike, which is the first special attack that you unlock from the guarded stance, you have to tap on the blue circle on the screen as many times as you can until either the meter reaches 100%, or until the blue circle disappears.

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