Breach & Clear Guide: Classes and Best Squad Setup

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Fireteam leader

Breach & Clear Fireteam leader

- Draw Fire (level 1): Enemies focus on this soldier for the turn activated
- Close Knit (level 5): Stats boosted when near teammates
- Assisting Fire (level 10): When firing on the same target as a teammate, 10% accuracy boost is granted
- Intimidation (level 15): Increases the time for enemies to acquire this soldier
- Draw Fire PRO (level 25): When using Draw Fire, more resistant to damage
- Morale Boost (level 30): Huge stat Boost to entire team for a turn (once per mission)
Skill: Leadership (Cohesive stat bonus to teammates in proximity to this soldier)

Weapons Sergeant

Breach & Clear Weapons Sergeant

- Suppressing Fire (level 1): Suppress a target area, preventing enemy fire and enemies from leaving cover
- Suppressing Damage (level 5): Deals damage during suppressing fire
- Stronghold (level 10): Accuracy improved when behind cover
- Suppression Expert (Level 15): Suppression cooldown reduced to zero.
- Cover Buster (level 25): Can fire through to enemies behind cover
- Surprise (level 30): Can target an enemy with highly effective fire, even through walls
Skill: Improves damage of shots fired


Breach & Clear Breacher

- Throw and Go (level 1): Can throw a grenade and move in the same turn
- Frag pro (level 5): Increased grenade damage
- Flasher (level 10): Flashbang effectiveness increased
- Hard Shelled (level 15): Reduces damage the soldier takes from grenades
- Cover Pro (level 25): Half cover is the same as full cover
- Catch! (level 30): Can throw 2 grenades in one turn
Skill: Increases distance to throw grenades and radius of effect


Breach & Clear Medic

- Stabilize (level 1): Can use a medpack to revive a soldier that is down
- Medpack Plus (level 5): Medpacks now affect all teammates within range
- Innocuous (level 10): Enemies target the Medic less often
- Survivor (level 15): Grants bonus to defense and evasion when health has reached critical state
- Stabilize Pro (level 25): Can react to enemy fire while stabilizing
- Regeneration: Can regenerate to full health
Skill: Improves effectiveness of medpacks used


Breach & Clear Intelligence

- Door Wedge: Prevents enemies to use a door
- Lookout (level 5): Within a certain radius, enemies will be revealed on the map as the soldier moves
- XP Boost (level 10): Survival gives additional XP
- Peripheral vision (level 15): Field of view increased by 20 degrees
- Sneaky (level 25): Enemies take longer to detect this unit
- Ghost (level 30): Can move invisible, but unable to shoot for one round (once per mission)
Skill: Gives 360 degrees view of enemies within limited radius of soldier

Direct Action

Breach & Clear Direct Action

- Sprint (level 1): Can move at faster speed, but unable to shoot. Improved evasion
- Under Pressure (level 5): Bonus to accuracy when under fire, can stack if under fire from multiple enemies
- Killstreak (level 10): Stats increase per each enemy killed (until the end of the mission)
- Dodge this (level 15): Penalty to evasion to all enemies engaged with Direct Action
- Lone gunman (level 25): Bonus to accuracy, reaction, evasion and intimidation when acting alone
- First shot (level 30): For a turn, this soldier shoots first at any enemy in 360 view radius
Skill: Increased time for enemies to acquire this soldier.

So, what is the best squad setup then? Based on my experience and their skills, I would suggest tackling the game with a Medic (for all the obvious defensive reasons), Breacher (for the grenades use), Fireteam leader (for the small boosts he gives to nearby teammates, as well as Draw Fire) and Weapons Sergeant for his great suppressing fire. I might agree that sometimes a Direct Action is better than a Fireteam Leader as a lone gunman, but it rarely happens to send a soldier alone anyway ...

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