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1. Probably the most important choice that you make in the game is selecting the role for each of your team members. Don't do it randomly and pay a big deal of attention to this (we'll talk more about what each role does and a suggested squad setup for best results.

2. I found that the best way to approach each mission is to keep your team together. Rarely splitting them up in two is a good choice and should only be done when you are confident that your men have enough skill and firepower to resist on their own – and only do it if you want to quickly swipe through a mission for more stars. At all other times, keep the team together.

3. The consumables are really valuable and they are not overly expensive. Make sure to get into your missions with a fair deal of grenades and medkits and don't be afraid to actually use them (especially the med kits when your team members are injured).

4. Always search for and stay in cover. There is no reason to keep your men exposed. So every move of your soldiers should end in a cover point, preferably full cover (the shield is full) and with maximum visibility around.

5. Did you accidentally tap the wrong square to move to? You can actually change that (it took me a while to figure it out): simply hold the finger on the position and drag around to set a new move target.

6. Level up your players based on their role in your team. If you have a Fireteam Leader with the Draw Fire perk activated, then you clearly want him to have high health and evasion. A Breacher, on the other hand, should have a high explosives rating (and, of course, grenades on him!)

7. Each soldier has more perks than those you see listed in their description (unlocked every 5 levels for the first 15 levels, then at level 25 and 30). These are extremely useful and we'll try to make a list of them all below.

8. Replay missions: Every mission can be played more than once to increase the stars gained, or played on increased difficulty. The faster you complete a level and the less injury your soldiers take, the more stars you will earn per each mission.

9. Try to have your squad cover as much space as possible: if an enemy is not in the direct line of sight of your soldiers, they will not be shot at. That's why one extremely important element in planning the strategy is to make sure that you always have the whole room covered.

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