CSR Classics Guide: How to Get More Free Cash & Gold

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Cash is the premium currency of CSR Classics and is used to buy all of your upgrades and many of your cars. Gold, however, can buy you the best cars that the game has to offer as well as the best customizations. Read on to find out how to get more of both currencies in CSR Classics!

Cash is mainly earned by participating in races. You will earn cash for every race that you participate in, but you will earn far more cash by winning a race than by losing. In addition, you will get bonus cash based on the amount of perfect shifts that you pull off, and if you have a perfect launch at the beginning of the race.

Decals will earn you a ton of extra cash. Go to the customize screen and look through the decals. With each restore that you do to the car you unlock even more decals, but the most cash is earned by buying a premium decal that costs gold to buy. The premium decals will earn you well over a thousand extra gold per race, and even more than 2,000 to 4,000 depending on what tier of a car you buy, and how expensive the car was originally.

All of the decals that you buy are unique to the car that you bought them for, so when you get a new car you won't be able to put any of your old decals on it. You can buy new ones, but in the meantime, you can also keep racing with your old car in order to earn more cash.

Even after you beat the crew boss races and earn a ton of cash for the previous tier, go back anyways and keep going through the ladder races.

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