CSR Classics: How to Get More Experience Points & Gas

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In CSR Classics, not only do you move from tier to tier as you race, but you gain experience levels as well. Experience levels don’t really serve to do much other than to earn you 10 free gold every time that you gain a level, but that in and of itself is HUGELY important, since gold is so rare and valuable. Gas is used whenever you engage in a race, but it doesn’t regenerate whenever you gain a level, and it runs out VERY quickly. Read on to find out how to get free gas and more experience points!

The game gives you a few options to get free gas when you run out. You can wait it out, of course. You can tap on the gas gauge for options to get more gas, one of which is to watch an ad video for one free gas. If you like the game on Facebook, you get a full refill. The same goes for if you follow the game on Twitter. Every further tweet that you send about the game will earn you 1 free gas.

Better yet, though, you can earn free gas by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet. Once you run completely out of gas, set the time ahead by about 2 hours for a free refill, or by one hour for half a refill. 12 minutes per gas is the average that it takes to restore one gas, so 120 minutes will equal a full refill.

Once you set the time back to normal, though, your energy will stop increasing until the actual time equals the latest time that you set your phone or tablet to, but you can reset the energy counter by sending 10 tweets or watching 10 free ad videos to fill up the bar entirely. Then, once you run out of gas again, it will begin restoring itself as usual.

Wanna earn more experience points? Winning a race gives you more experience than losing races, so win more races, and use the above free gas tricks to race in more races in a shorter amount of time. This is the number one easiest method in the game to get quick experience points.

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