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CSR Classics lets you race nothing but the best of the classic cars that Pinterest and the rest of the world love so much. 1969 Dodge Charger? Check. Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing? Check. BMW 507? Check! Even fairly obscure brands such as Lancia and Shelby have made it into the game. Usually cars are very expensive, and most of the time you’ll think that they cost real life money to buy, but you can get just about any of them for free.

First of all, the most obvious way to get a car for free is by racing with the crew boss at the end of a tier in order to win a boss car. You will only get one shot to do this race, and you need at least 20 Gold to be offered the chance so save your gold. Before you take on a crew boss for the third and final time, make sure that your car is FULLY upgraded.
Next, this is a good place for the mechanic’s boost to be used. Use that, although if you are good you can even win without it. Time your launch and your shifts PERFECTLY. Use your NOS early on in the race, ideally in second gear, unless your car spins the wheels in second gear every time. Then, use it in third gear. Beat the boss in order to get his or her car for free.

Other than that, you can get any one of the premium cars without having to spend any money, because free gold is somewhat generously given out in this game. Connect to Facebook to earn 30 Gold immediately. Save up all of the gold that you earn from gaining levels (10 gold per level) until you have at least 200-250 gold. Then go to the dealership and go shopping. Save up even further if you want a more expensive ride.

Get premium cars at a discount. Race for awhile until a crew boss tells you that they have found a special deal at the dealership for you. Go to the dealership and buy the car that you want for a discount (especially the unloved version of the car, as these are always far cheaper and can be restored easily).

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