CSR Classics Hints, Cheats & Strategies Guide

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You get everything from an old Mini to a BMW 507 to a Lancia Stratos to an Audi 100, as long as you have the Gold or the Cash to do so. Read on for some tips and tricks for CSR Classics.

One of the biggest tips for the game is the fact that you can get free gas whenever you run out, via multiple means. If you want to get free gas using the time lapse cheat, then set the time head on your phone or device itself (an hour and a half should be good for a full gas restoration). You can do this as many times as you want, although once you set the time back to normal, the game will stop building up energy until the real-life time equals out to your old cheat-time. (for example, if you set the phone time to 9:24 pm while cheating, gas will start recharging again when the real-life time hits 9:24 pm)

Other ways to do so are to watch a video, tweet, like or follow the game on Facebook. You can tweet about whatever you want from within the game, and you can watch as many of the ad videos as you want, so if you don’t want to mess with the time on the phone, use these (slightly more tedious) ways to get your gas back.

Winning races is all about finishing that quarter mile quickly. Take your cues from your car to figure out what you should upgrade next. If there is a lot of tire smoke at launch (or even at shift), even with a perfect launch, upgrade your tires to work on getting more grip. Smoking the tires on a gearshift means your grip is horrible. Otherwise, increase the power and decrease the weight using the numerous other mods that do this, then upgrade the tires again when they need it.

Use the nitrous as early as you can in the race, because usually, the earlier that you use it, the quicker that you get up to speed, meaning your quarter mile will be quicker when you use it early (although your top speed will be higher when you use it later on in the race). However, depending on what car you get, the effect might be more or less pronounced because of gear ratios.

Rack up the Cash by leveling up until you gain a bunch of Gold, then using the Gold to buy one of the premium decals for your car that can earn you a massive amount of Cash per win. Then, race the regulation mode over and over with the premium decal on your car to earn an extra 1,500 to 2,500 (depending on the tier) Cash per race. If you can’t yet afford the current tier’s decals, just go back to the Tier 1 race with the premium decal and race regulation over and over.

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