CSR Classics Guide: How to Make & Save More Money

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Here are some useful tips that should help you keep playing longer in CSR Classics.

- The most precious currency in the game is the Gas system. Why? Well, without it you can't make any money. So be very careful with the challenges you take on, otherwise you're just throwing away opportunities to make money.

- CSR Classics isn't afraid to point you in a very wrong direction considering your current capabilities and skill. Don't blindly following every activity suggestion you're given - first check the difficulty level to see whether it's a challenge you have even a chance of beating.

- Stay away from the Daily Challenges until you have a better car with a few improvements under the hood. Right from the start the difficulty of these is above your starter capabilities, so don't be fooled into wasting Gas here until you're ready.

- Change your outlook. Seriously, it's not fun racing those clapped-out Unloved racers when you could spend real money on better-looking Loved ones, but see it as the chance to restore one of these classic beasts to its awesome glory. Stay away from the premium cars and focus on giving an old banger the TLC it deserves.

- Make nitrous the first upgrade you put on your vehicle. This will give you a boost in every race you take the car into, and that can make the difference between wasting a precious Gas token, or emerging victorious from the duel.

- On the subject of speed, make sure you master the boost system at the start of each race. Tap on the gas pedal gently, and when you see the light turn green, tap slowly to maintain the illumination. Get this right and you'll get off to a flying start every time.

- If you must spend premium currency on the Mechanic, make sure you buy the maximum number of races. By doing so, you'll get much more benefit from the investment, and make more money from even more races as a result.

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