CSR Classics Walkthrough, Cheats & Strategy Guide

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CSR Classics is a drag racing game created by NaturalMotion Games. In it, you’ll go around town and race numerous opponents, complete challenges for in-game currency, and purchase and restore classic cars. This strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • CSR Classics is free to play and can be downloaded by clicking in the “Available On” box at the top of this page.
  • When you first open the game, you’ll be asked if you wish to receive push notifications. You will not be able to change this setting later.


  • Once you make your decision, you will be sent to the tutorial, which will cover all key aspects of the game, from racing itself, to navigating the map, to purchasing and upgrading classic cars.


On the Road

  • Obviously, racing is the biggest part of CSR Classics. The game gives an excellent tutorial, along with some occasional tips, that should help you learn the ropes quickly.
  • Even before the race actually starts, you’ll need to be paying attention, as the start is one of the most important parts. During the countdown, you’ll be given control of your gas pedal. You can press and hold the button to rev up the engine. In doing so, you’ll notice lights on your speedometer. Every car has a sweet spot where the last light is green. The goal is to tap the gas pedal so that light is green when the race begins. This will give you a huge boost at the start.


  • Once the race has begun, the next step is a matter of timing. Similar to when you were hitting the gas pedal, you’ll see red lights illuminate on the speedometer one at a time. The last light to turn on will be green. When the green light flashes, press the right lever to change gears. If done at the right time, you’ll receive a notification and you’ll maintain your speed.


  • If you happen to shift too early, you can go back down by pressing the lever on the left side. Shifting down should almost never have to happen, unless you accidentally double-tapped the right lever.
  • When you’ve shifted the maximum number of times, you are in a good position to activate your nitro boost, if you’ve purchased the upgrade. This is a speed increase that’s not huge, but just enough to close a tight gap or widen a narrow lead.


In the Shop

  • The tutorial will also walk you through buying and upgrading your first car, but there’s a ton of depth in this part of the game.
  • There are quite a few upgrades to the cars you already own. Nitrous will give you your turbo boost, tires will reduce your wheelspin during a bad start, and most of the other upgrades will affect your car’s stats in various ways.


  • The most unique upgrade in CSR Classics is the “Restore” option. If you’re using an “unloved” car from the dealer, you can purchase this upgrade, which improves its appearance and removes excess internal weight, making your car perform better overall.


  • You can also customize your car in three different ways. The paintshop allows you to: change the color of your ride; add decals, which cost money, but happen to give a boost to your post-race winnings; and also change your license plate for no reason other than vanity.
  • When you have the money (either premium or regular currency), you can hit up the dealer and buy a new car. There are a dozen manufacturers and tons of classic cars available, so everyone should find something they like. When you’re at the dealer, each car comes in one of two options: unloved and loved. Unloved cars can be purchased with your race winnings, but come with lower stats and require restoration. Loved cars skip the restoration process, but must be purchased with the premium currency.



Tips and Tricks

  • The first nitrous upgrade can easily make or break a race. It’s probably the best choice for a new car’s first upgrade. After that, feel free to upgrade other parts as you see fit.
  • You can earn premium currency by leveling up, linking your Facebook account, and making in-app purchases. You won’t get enough gold this way to buy a new car, so the best choice is to save up and buy decals. A good premium decal can add thousands of silver coins to your race winnings, allowing you to buy better cars sooner.


  • Every race type on the map has four levels in its difficulty bar. If the bar is full, don’t bother trying that race until you score some upgrades. On that same note, a level three difficulty matchup is also going to be too hard to win most of the time. Level three matches are winnable, but you need to be near perfect.


  • If in doubt, hit up a regulation race. These races don’t give large rewards, but they’re easily winnable in most cases. Regulation races also allow you to change the difficulty, which is an excellent way to get some use out of a newly-acquired car.
  • Play the daily challenges each day. Every day, you’ll get three new races with a loaner car. Not only are they a chance at getting good money, but the winnings increase every day. Plus, you get the chance to try out new cars!

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