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Dead Trigger 2 takes what players previously enjoyed about Dead Trigger and adds even more to it. There’s more stages, more weapons, far better graphics, it’s a free download right from the beginning, and the in-app purchases are even presented in a far less annoying way. It’s a game that has a lot to figure out, with a lot of different options, so read on for the beginner’s guide to Dead Trigger 2!


Right from the beginning, you’re thrown into a number of stages full of zombies. From there you’ll rescue your crew, who will be part of your hideout from there on out. Your medic is especially useful since she’ll craft up painkillers, which can restore health in the middle of the game. The engineer will craft grenades, bomb chickens, mines and other fun explosive devices, while your gunsmith will craft new guns, as well as upgrade the firepower of the guns that you already have.

The controls of the game are fairly simple. You take care of the turning and moving, while gunfire is done automatically. When you aim at either a zombie or at something else that can be shot, and are within range, the gun will automatically fire. However, you can modify the controls in plenty of ways at the options menu.

For example, if you want to have a set joystick on the screen, you can add one. If you want to move the buttons around, you can move them to wherever you want. You can even turn off automatic firing, which will allow you to do the aiming and shooting yourself, complete with an iron sight so that you can aim. Plus, if you have a bluetooth game controller, you can use it with this game, and the options list for that is staggering.

You can shoot zombies in different locations to do different amounts of damage. Headshots will do the most damage to a zombie, and killing a zombie with a headshot will earn you a money bonus. Shoot anywhere else on the body and you’ll do about half the damage of a headshot; however, if you knock off their arm, or their leg, or butcher them in an extra-brutal fashion, you’ll earn a money bonus as well.

Ammo will run out fairly quickly especially if you have the auto-firing option enabled. Luckily, you have melee weapons, too; the pipe wrench is your first one, and more of them can be unlocked later. Killing zombies with a melee weapon provides an extra money bonus, and the weapons are surprisingly powerful and effective. Good luck using the melee weapon against the miniboss zombies, though.

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