Dead Trigger 2: How to Unlock & Upgrade Every Weapon

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Dead Trigger 2 gives you plenty of weapons, which is certainly a good thing, because there’s plenty of zombies to kill in this game. There’s literally millions of zombies, as anyone who has participated in the global zombie raids will see. However, you don't get most of your guns until you unlock them. Even when you do unlock them you’ll want to increase the firepower by upgrading them. Read on to find out how!


All of the weapons that you don’t have at the beginning of the game will require blueprints to unlock, unless you want to spend a huge number of gold coins by unlocking them. That’s fine, if you have that kind of money to spend, but most of us don’t, so we want to get all the weapons for free, of course!

To get blueprints, you need to kill the minibosses (Kamikaze, Vomitron and Scienfist). When you are playing strictly for blueprints, stay away from the defense stages, as the limited amount of time can tend to make it tougher to kill more than one miniboss, and if you can kill more than one in the same stage, you have a chance at possibly earning multiple blueprints.

Play in the assault stages, or any stage with an unlimited zombie spawn point, such as a supply run or seek and destroy stage. Play them in easy mode, to make killing the boss a quicker process. There will be no difference in what blueprints you earn, or your chances of earning blueprints, compared to the hard or medium stages – all there will be is a higher chance of successfully killing minibosses.

Upgrade your tech guy, then upgrade your gunsmith, your medic and your engineer. This will give you even more weapons and goodies to unlock, and once the goodies show up on your “available production” list, you’ll start finding blueprints for them. Plus, the developers will be adding weapons and goodies as time goes on, so all you have to do is wait.

Upgrading your crew will also allow you to upgrade everything that they can sell you. Tap on the production item and then tap the “upgrade” button to spend the required amount of money and begin the upgrading process. This will usually double the damage caused by whatever you are upgrading, whether it be a gun or an explosive device, or if you are upgrading the painkiller, it will heal more of your health when you use it. This upgrade will apply to every single one of the explosives and painkillers that you have already produced.

Finally, you can get explosives that you haven’t even unlocked yet by completing the various quests that pop up in the game, which can be seen in the quest menu (the little green book icon in the upper left hand corner of your hideout or map). Global zombie raid completion will also earn you bonus explosives for free.

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