Deer Hunter 2014 Assault Rifle Guide

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If you prefer to take more of a spray-and-pray approach to one-sided combat in Deer Hunter 2014, you're probably in the market for a good old-fashioned assault rifle. Here's a closer look at each one available in the game, and which ones are worth your money.

Clayton CV-15

Cost: 75 Gold / $2,750

Unlocks: Region 1


If you really must pack an assault rifle, we suppose you could start here - although we wouldn't recommend it. If you are determined to buy the Clayton for your collection, make sure you do it with easily ground-out game cash, rather than purchased gold.

Maginot FAS

Cost: 158 Gold / $14,055

Unlocks: Region 2


Probably the most sensible first assault rifle if you must have one in place of a shotgun. A decent clip size and a fast fire rate should ensure you take down any foes that turn on you.

Hauer Hammer

Cost: 180 Gold / $25,950

Unlocks: Region 3


The Maginot's decent enough, but if you have the money then you might want to hold out for this meaty weapon. That extra power, precision 2X zoom, and extra stability will really make the difference in a tight spot.

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