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There are lots of weapons available for your hunting at the weapon shop in Deer Hunter 2014. The weapons are divided into 4 categories, Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. Some of these weapons are premium and can only be obtained with gold.


  • There is a correlation between Power (stat) and the rest of stats. Expect to pay a higher price for more powerful weapons
  • In several hunts, you will have to end up using the two weapons you carry, one for presicion long-distance shots and the other one when other animals, like bears and wolves get too close to you.
  • Almost half of the weapons in the shop are premium, that means they can only be bought with gold, which is not obtainable by playing the game (you do get just a bit of gold each time you level up.)
  • Most weapons have special features, such as semi-auto reloading, hi power or mag-fed. You can check them out on the individual profile of each weapon.
  • Expect to buy and upgrade one weapon a lot on each region in order to meet the requirements for Trophy Hunts.
  • You will eventually get the money you need for upgrades or new weapons, even if that means playing contract hunts several dozens of time (the hunting series on each region are limited, despite having a bigger reward)
  • Once you reach a certain upgrade level for a wepon part, you will have to wait some time for the upgrade delivery.
  • Regular contract hunts and hunting series let you play the mission even if the weapon does not have the recommended gear. Trophy Hunts won’t let you play the mission if you do not meet the requirements.
  • The upgradeable parts for any given weapon you own are: Barrel, Muzzle, Stock, Sight, Capacity and Ammo. Each part can be upgraded multiple times.


Region [Suggested]
Grantham Model 500 1 Rifles
Clayton Frontline 1 90 Gold Rifles
Grantham Lightning 2 Rifles
Clayton Shadow 2 180 Gold Rifles
Westin Warfighter 3 210 Gold or 15,620 cash Rifles
Clayton ODG Falcon 3 375 Gold Rifles 207 [304]
Maginot Lineman 4 34,245 cash Rifles 276 [405]
Clayton DXR 4 499 Gold Rifles 303 [443]
G&H Howitzer 4-5 1,999 Gold Rifles 334 [591]
Clayton CV-15 1 Assault Rifles
Maginot FAS 2 158 Gold or 14,055 cash Assault Rifles 86 [138]
Hauer Hammer 3 180 Gold or 25,950 cash Assault Rifles 126 [183]
Hauer MAK-5 4 260 Gold or 45,930 cash Assault Rifles 185 [271]
Grantham Swordfish 1 Shotgun
Westin Warhawk 1 55 Gold Shotgun 220 [355]
Clayton Raptor 2 50 Gold or 2,500 cash Shotgun 322 [472]
Grantham Model 1100 2 96 Gold Shotgun 354 [518]
Maginot Marauder 3 75 Gold or 6,695 cash Shotgun 471 [689]
Grantham Toconderoga 3 138 Shotgun 518 [759]
Maginot Maul 4 14,420 Shotgun 689 [1007]
G&H Cobra 4 179 Gold Shotgun 758 [1110]
Clayton Sportsman 1 Pistols
Grantham 1911 2 40 Gold or 2,000 cash Pistols 51 [75]
Westin Jaguar 3 60 Gold or 5,355 cash Pistols 75 [111]
Clayton Hammerhead 4 80 Gold or 11,535 cash Pistols 110 [160]

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