Deer Hunter 2014 Hints & Tips: Make and Save More Money

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Here's how to make sure you have a little more in your pocket - and spend a little less when you play Deer Hunter 2014.

- You must avoid failing missions wherever possible. Fail a mission and you've wasted energy - waste energy, and you've wasted money-making opportunities. The most common way to fail a mission is to kill one animal but startle the others into running away. Always have one eye on your second shot, and be ready to move in for the next kill as soon as possible. You have mere seconds to act before the other animals dash off into the forest.

Deer Hunter 2014 Hints & Tips: Make and Save More Money

- Although you can use the missions to guide your general upgrade path, you can breeze through many missions without making the recommended upgrades - a great way to save money. If an upgrade suggestion is too expensive, don't be afraid to try a mission once regardless. Those mission warnings often don't count for much at all.

- Don't waste your precious gold bars on minor waiting times. Sure, it's not fun to have to wait four minutes for an upgrade to arrive, but that's nothing compared to how long it will take to earn replacement gold bars. Spend your money wisely and you'll have to grind out less of it.

Deer Hunter 2014 Hints & Tips: Make and Save More Money

- Save the Trophy Hunts until you've worked your way through plenty of basic missions and contract work. Why? Well, these particular hunts are extra tricky, and so you risk wasting precious money-making energy by taking these challenges on before you and your weaponry are ready.

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