Despicable Me: Minion Rush Beginner's Guide

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Welcome to the beginner's guide to Despicable Me: Minion Rush!

At its core, Despicable Me: Minion Rush is just like many other endless runners. Your goal is to run as far as you can, rack up as many points as you can, and collect as many bananas as you can. Bananas are the main currency in the game (with Tokens being the premium goods), and you can use them to buy almost all of your upgrades, as well as costumes and other goods. You swipe left and right to avoid obstacles. Swipe up to jump over them, and swipe down to roll under them.

Your score is based on how far you run plus a multiplier, which starts off at 1x, but increases each time you level up. You have three missions at a time (which can be seen at any time during gameplay by pausing it), and when you fill up the experience bar by completing missions, your base multiplier will increase. You can also choose to pay tokens to skip the missions.

Your multiplier also increases each time you perform a "despicable action", which is when you hit another minion. Minions who are on the ground can be hit simply by running through them, while minions who are hanging off of something in the air can be hit by jumping for them.

The game allows you to send challenges back and forth, just like in Running with Friends, if you connect it with Facebook and if you convince others who you play with to do the same thing. Your Facebook tournaments are decided by the overall score earned in a round.

However, your worldwide weekly tournaments (whcih can be accessed by connecting the game to Game Center) are calculated by who gets the most bananas in one single round. The top 1,000 in these tournaments, though, are in for huge coin prizes.

At the beginning of each round, you can buy one (or more) of three different power ups. At the very beginning you'll be offered the Minion Launcher, which will shoot you out 400 meters right at the beginning of the stage. This will cost 250 bananas. If you don't buy this, you'll then be offered a score perk, which will multiply your score by 5x, and a banana perk, which will offer you a 2x multiplier for every banana that you collect in a round. You can buy both of these if you want. Each one costs 15 tokens apiece.

In the store itself, you can unlock a number of power ups, meaning that they can be picked up during your run after you unlock them.

*The Freeze Ray automatically shoots any obstacles in front of you for a limited amount of time, and each upgrade increases the amount of time that it's good for.
*The Banana Vacuum collects every banana that you pass by, no matter what lane it is in. Upgrading it will increase the amount of time that it lasts.
*The Banana Splitter causes every banana to be worth two bananas for a limited amount of time. Upgrading it increases the time that it lasts for.
*The Minion Shield protects you from one single hit for a limited time. Upgrading it increases the amount of time that it's good for.
*The Minion Launcher is already unlocked, but upgrading it increases the distance that you travel when you use it.
*The Fluffy Unicorn unlocks a mini game that you activate whenever you pick it up, where you can positively load up on bananas. Upgrading it increases the amount of bananas that are in the game itself.
*Mega Minion causes you to go into a special mode where you can crush every obstacle that you come across and increase your multiplier. Upgrading it increases how long the Mega Minion mode lasts.

All of these are activated when you pick them up in the stage, except for the Minion Launcher, which as noted above, is activated when you pick it at the beginning of the stage. Additionally, you can buy the Golden Banana, which will double your collected bananas for life (and when stacked with a Banana Perk or Banana Splitter, can give you insane amounts of bananas). The Golden Shield will cause the Minion Shield to make you invincible rather than just protect you from one single hit.



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