Dots: A Game About Connecting Guide: How to Get More Dots

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Dots are not only your points in the game but they are also your primary form of currency, meaning that you can use them to buy all of the boosts that you need for each round. Read on to find out how to get more Dots in Dots: A Game About Connecting, both in the stages as points and in your collection as currency!

Amass a huge number of dots by simply playing the game over and over again. Each dot that you gain will be one dot that is added to your current currency, so obviously, if you stretch that out over 10, 20, 50 or 100 rounds, that’s a LARGE number of dots. That will add up extremely quickly to allow you to buy all three power-ups.

Of course, if you need even more dots than you can get by doing this, then you have the option to buy more Dots. To make that option pop up, hit the plus sign next to the dots counter in the End of Round screen. Or, try to buy something that costs more dots than you currently have. The game will then let you know that you don’t have enough dots, and ask you if you want to buy more.

To get insanely high scores on the stage, first, do the following. Play over and over and over and over until you amass around 50,000 dots. Then, buy one set of time stops, and spend the entire rest of your dot load on Shrinkers, which you should have insane quantities of. I’m talking over 1,000 shrinkers.

Then, go play a game with all of these power ups. Immediately use a power up, and then hammer the screen as fast as you can, with as many fingers as you can, at the exact same time. The faster that you hammer the screen, the more shrinkers you can use, meaning the higher the score that you can get. It’s entirely possible to get well over 1,000 points using this method alone.

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