Dots: A Game About Connecting Hints, Cheats & Strategies

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In Dots: A Game About Connecting , your goal in this game is simply to clear as many dots as possible during one round. One round lasts only 60 seconds, so you only have that amount of time to clear off dots. You can compete against your friends, and against everybody in the world who has downloaded this game. It’s not easy though, so read on for some tips and tricks for the game!

Dots: A Game About Connecting Hints, Cheats & Strategies

It’s all about speed in Dots: A Game About Connecting, as there are no bonuses, such as extra points for connecting more dots, or whatnot. One dot equals one point, and that’s it. Start from the top and work your way down to the bottom when you are swiping combos, because you can swipe any combo while a line above it is still falling. If a line below it is falling, though, you can’t swipe it, so moving from bottom to top is useless.

One way to get bonus points, though, is to force the map to have to reshuffle. To do this, clear dots until there are no combinations left for you to make on the board. When this happens, a random number of dots will disappear automatically to enable more combinations to appear, and for every dot that disappears, you get bonus points.

Each dot that you clear counts as one dot for your currency (which is also called dots) as well. To get the highest score in the history of the game, load up on hundreds of minimizer, and then use every single one of your minimizers. When you do this you can knock off unprecedented numbers of dots.

What the expander does, though, is it makes one entire color of dots disappear, BUT, you cannot use it more than once on a stage. A time stop adds five seconds to the time, but like the expander, it can only be used once. The minimizer can be used as many times as you physically are able to on stage, therefore you can use over 1,000 of them by double-tapping with 6, 8 or 10 fingers at a time for the entire stage. That’s how to get the highest score possible.



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