Dots: A Game About Connecting - 7 Tips to Improve Your Score

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As you connect dots, a new wave of dots slides down the screen. They're multi-colored and you connect dots with like colors. Here are some tips to help you improve your score in Dots: A Game About Connecting.

Dots: A Game About Connecting - 7 Tips to Improve Your Score

(1) Relax. Play when you're relaxed. Betaworks' Patrick Moberg said the game was created for a "Zen-like" experience. But it's easy to get frustrated or stressed. Don't. It's just a game. And also, you'll do better when you're relaxed.

(2) Focus. Don't have distractions around you. Don't be thinking about anything but the dots before you. Focus 100 percent and you'll do better. Probably seems like common sense, but it's so important.

(3) Anticipate. This is huge. Know where the Dots will fall next before they even fall. Eye the board in a way you know that if you make a square here, these other dots will make a square too, and do them in quick succession. Similarly, if you get rid of this dot, these dots line up just right and so do those over there.

(4) Strategize. Be strategic in every move. Don't waste power-ups. You can accomplish way more without the power-ups than you think. In fact, my best games only use 15-20 power-ups tops. That includes the extra 5 second power up, which you must use for a really great high score. That said, when you see no square opportunities, you must use power-ups or start a new game. Otherwise you'll just waste your time.

(5) See. You have to really see the board at all times. And this includes peripheral vision. It's not easy to see the whole board at once. I usually focus on the bottom of the board as I play Dots. But I must be able to see opportunities at the top too. While I focus on the bottom, my peripheral vision eyes opportunities up above. Then I might focus on above for a bit, and watch for opportunities below at the corner of my eye. This may sound crazy but it's important.

(6) Act. You can't hesitate in Dots. Not if you want a high score. Just keep going. Tell yourself, keep going. Stay positive. Opportunities will present themselves. In fact, sometimes a board looks hopeless until you land a single square that opens up two or three square opportunities simultaneously. If there's a single square, there's going to be others.

(7) Hustle. And this goes without saying, but speed is so important in Dots. To get a 700, or even a 600, in Dots, I can tell you, you must have a nearly flawless game with square, after square, after square. And you have to do it quickly. The highest score ever is 800 so 600 or 700 is quite good. Even 500 is a huge milestone. Huge. If you're in the 400 range or lower, don't worry. You can improve the score. But speed will be part of it.

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