Escape The Titanic Answers and Cheats Level 1 - Level 5

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No two puzzles look alike in Escape The Titani. Struggling to find a way forward? Here's the levels 1– 5 with hints and solutions to help you solve every level.If you guys need help with any specific puzzle comment below.

Escape the Titanic Level 1

You find yourself in your cabin room, swipe your finger left to open the door
Tap the arrow

Escape the Titanic Level 2

You are now in the ship hallway but people are blocking you
Use your finger to swipe left to move the five passengers in front of you out of your way

Escape the Titanic Level 3

You face an engine room door
Use one finger to rotate the handle downwards and simultaneously use another finger to spin the hand wheel counterclockwise

Escape the Titanic Level 4

You're now in the engine room
Flick on the light switch (lower right hand corner)
Click the power box in the left-hand corner (it's a grey box with wires)
You'll need to reroute the wires to get the power station working
Underneath the blue wires, you'll see an etching
This is the map for how the wires need to look
Rearrange your wires to match
You'll know you're done when all the orange boxes in the top row are light up
Press the yellow arrow
You aren't done on this level yet. You will be returned to the engine room, behind the pumping machine, there's a wrench. Tap it to take it. You'll need it later.

Escape the Titanic Level 5

You are now in a room with a gridded floor and a lever
If you pull the lever, the lights go out and you can see some of the tiles are electric
You need to lie out a path to get out safely
To get out of the room, start in the square outlined in yellow then drag your finger

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