Escape The Titanic Answers and Cheats Level 11 - Level 15

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No two puzzles look alike in Escape The Titani. Struggling to find a way forward? Here's the levels 11– 15 with hints and solutions to help you solve every level.If you guys need help with any specific puzzle comment below.

Escape the Titanic Level 11

You're in a room with a giant cargo box and some pulleys
Use the rope you picked up in level 8
Use it to wrap around the pulleys in front of you
Then, drag the end of the top to the metal bar (kleat) at the bottom of the screen
A zoom in of the kleat will pop up
Wrap the rope multiple times around so that you can pull the cargo in front of you out of your way

Escape the Titanic Level 12

You're in a large room with a red car
Tap the car
You'll see disconnected electrical wires of varying colors
Each electrical wire has a number
You're going to do a little bit of math! Use the wires and their corresponding number to plug them in to the numbered sockets on the left
Tap the end of any wire to select it and then tap the socket you want to add it to
For socket #32
For socket #26
For socket # 29
You will leave 19 unplugged.

Escape the Titanic Level 13

You're at the bottom of a room and you need to get up the ladder in front of you
But it's too tall! Tap the rope
You're going to need to use your finger to fling the rope in front of you
Don't aim for the white and grey hook! The spot you actually want to lasso is to the left of that (a small gold hook on the side of the ladder)
Sometimes, you may get the hook but the rope will fall down anyways! If this happens, try aiming for the ladder's hook on the lower left-hand side.

Escape the Titanic Level 14

You're in front of a giant yellow manhole with a hand wheel in the middle
You need to rotate the different layers until the markings line up and start to actually form words
First, align the most inner row so that the anchor is complete but you're going to want to work from the outside in
The very outer layer shifts the inner layer too! Once everything is aligned, the lines delineating layers will disappear
Spin the hand wheel counter close wise and click the yellow arrow!

Escape the Titanic Level 15

You're now standing in front of a mirror with a wardrobe in front of you
You're going to need to get dressed! The only key for getting out of this level is that all your clothes have to be colored coordinated, that means if you are wearing the shirt with a yellow bow tie, wear the black shoes with the yellow too
You won't have full sets of each color, so you'll need to tap a bit to mix and match
Your shirt, coat, pants and shoes need to match
You'll know your outfit is acceptable when you see the text “this should work” above your reflection
Hanging on the doorknob (to the left) is an apron. Once your outfit is complete, tap the apron.

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