Escape The Titanic Answers and Cheats Level 16 - Level 20

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No two puzzles look alike in Escape The Titani. Struggling to find a way forward? Here's the levels 16 – 20 with hints and solutions to help you solve every level.If you guys need help with any specific puzzle comment below.

Escape the Titanic Level 16

You're now working away in the kitchen
You'll be displayed different kebabs and you'll need to tap the right ingredients to match the kebab shown
Quickly memorize the order because the image will disappear! The order of the ingredients stacks from bottom to top, so memorize in that direction
The kebab combinations are randomized each time
Once your kebab is completed correctly, use your finger to drag it to the plate
Each combination is randomized, so grab a pen and quickly write down the order if it's too quick for you to memorize.

Escape the Titanic Level 17

Now you're in the dining room
Deliver the platters in front of you to the tables

Escape the Titanic Level 18

This level is quick! Put your gaming device down on a table because you're going to need two fingers at once sometimes
You'll see images scroll in front of you that correspond to the red dancing moves buttons
Left, right and spin
Tap the button that matches the image
Sometimes, you'll need to tap two at once

Escape the Titanic Level 19

A man asks for your Name, sir?
Tap on the notepad book in the bottom right corner
Take the torn piece of paper attached to the book by a paperclip
You must tap each corresponding name on the left and right sides of the books – where the names are printed and then signed with the signature
Tap Hoyt, Mr. William on left side, then William Hoyt on right side
Tap Fortune, Mr. Mark on left side, then Mark Fortune on right side
Tap Fortune, Mrs. Mary on left side, then Mary Fortune on right side
Tap Harper, Mrs. Myna on left side, then Myna Harper on right side
Tap Bird, Miss Ellen on left side, then Ellen Bird on right side
Tap Robbins, Mr. Victor on left side, then Victor Robbins on right side
Tap Brown, Miss Margaret on left side, then Margaret Brown on right side
Tap Astor, Col John J on left side, then J.J. Astor on right side
The name remaining on the left side is Homer, Mr. Harry – that is your name.
Sign your name on the bottom left side of the book
You will be given Your coat, Sir
Tap the money in your inventory, then tap the coat in the man's hand
The door will open – tap the open door to exit level 19

Escape the Titanic Level 20

The boat is shaking and all the furniture will fall onto the right side of the screen.
Drag all the furniture out of the way and then tap the gold statue on the bottom.
Tap the gold statue in your inventory, then tap the brown table several times until it breaks.
The path is cleared and you can now move up the stairs. Tap the top of the stairs to exit level 20.

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