Escape The Titanic Walkthrough (Level 1 to 29)

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Escape The Titanic challenges you to solve a number of puzzles in order to escape from the tragedy of the Titanic. Struggling to find a way forward? Here's the levels walkthrough (Level 1 to 29) for this clever escape game.

Step by step walkthrough for you to solve this game: Level 1 to 29

1 – Slide the door

2 – Move the people to the right to reveal the path

3 – Hold the handle down while turning the wheel and the door opens

4 – Tap the light switch, then tap the control station to the left

5 – In the Power routing station position the wires to match the scratch below

6 – Make a path to the door by tapping on the non-electrified spaces, switch off the light when you draw the path.

7 – Slide the cover off the hinges, then use your wrench to remove the nuts and move to next puzzle

8 – Slide to remove the obstacles and close the door before the water level rises, Tap the bilge pump to drain the water.

9 – Tap to view the map, then draw a path from red dot to the exit at the top of the map. This might be tricky but once you get the idea you can solve it.

10 – Pick up the glove and rope and move to next level.

11 – Use the glove and tap on the fires to block them, this is tricky as you might have to tap on these fire quickly so that they don’t burn the entire path

12 – Arrange the boxes by class labelled under each stack. The nicest boxes are 1st class. Then tap the switch on the right to lift the crates.

13 – Try different routes on the pulleys until the rope doesn’t break. Then tie the rope by swiping on to the metal piece.

14 – Start the car by combining 15.17 and 5.9.12 and 13.16.

15 – Swipe the throw rope up to one of the broken ladder hooks.

16 – Align the center disc and work outward to the edge, then back in to fix any disc that moved. The swipe on the center wheel and the door opens.

17 – Find the clothes, that use all the same color, then put the apron on.

18 – Pick up the money on the shelf

19 – Memorize the colors from bottom up, take your time and you can’t fail.

20 – Match the trays to the table cloth. Pay attention to details not just color.

21 – Get into rhythm of tapping buttons. There are three moves that use all three fingers, be ready.

22 – Tap on the notebook to zoom it on it, pickup the paper clip and cross out the matching names in the Guest Book. Sign your name at the X part and don’t forget to tip on the way.

23 – Slide the debris away, then tap repeatedly on the table using the broken statue, the way blocking the water will release and you can move to next puzzle.

24 – Find the door knob that doesn’t turn red when touched.

25 – Using the paper clip as a make shift key open the door.

26 – Find the hidden diamond in the room, then use it to draw a large circle in the window.

27 – Tap ridges, bars, grooves and ropes to climb up, tap repeatedly to break any ice.

28 – Tap the sliding furniture repeatedly to destroy them, they are easier to break when near.

29 – Rotate and place the bars back into proper positions. Then open the lock. The lock combination is 20, 36, 22. Right, left past the first number, then right again. Then slide open the gate.

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