FIFA 14 Defending Cheats: Using Your Goalkeeper Effectively

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Use these tips to improve your use of the guy between your sticks. If you think that the goalkeeper (GK) is just one of the computer AI's jobs then you are immediately placing yourself at a huge disadvantage. Having control of your GK and being confident in using him gives you, in effect, an extr a outfield player. The key to using your GK however, is not to rush into any rash decisions. Read below on how to get the most from your GK

Distribution from goal - kicks

Unless you have a tall, strong centre forward who is good at heading the ball up front such as Andy Carroll then you want to be trying to play the ball out from the back as much as possible. There are a few ways in which you can do this safely without presenting the opposition with an easy goal scoring chance. Use the diagram s below t o learn how to hardly ever give away possession from your goal - kicks.

Full - back (BLUE ARROWS)

The most effective way is to aim towards your full - back by aiming almost as far as you can towards the touchline. Then you want to tap the long pass button (1 bar of power, any more and you'll miss out the full - back). This will either chip the ball into your full - backs head/chest or be just over them for them to run onto and play on from there. Remember that in FIFA 13 they introduced First Touch Control so the full - backs might not be as good with their first touch as your midfielders for example so the more accurate you can play the pass the better. Occasionally the opposition will get a player to the full - back just as the ball is arr iving. Obviously you don't want them to win the header so all you need to do here is simply hold the pass button down (for full power) whilst aiming the ball back towards your GK.

If before you take the goal - kick you notice they are moving a player to co ver this pass to the full - back then obviously look for another option. If they move towards the full - back then go ahead and play the short pass but be careful as some use the run towards the full - back to tempt you into the pass and then try and intercept. We don't use this pass very often it has to be said.


The opposite full - back/centre - back can be a great option and we use this often. So, if your goal - kick is on the right hand side of your goal aim all the way to the left hand side a nd play 2 bars of power towards the left full - back (1 bar of power for the CB). Once again if they move a striker to the pass your centre - back should win the header and if your full - back is half decent in the air, even if they have moved a player to inter cept then you should win the header and start your possession.

Midfield Man (PURPLE ARROWS)

This is another option using the lobbed pass button. Again can have the slight risk but even if you lose the ball here you have the defence to hopefully make up f or the loss of possession or if you have a player such as Fellaini or Yaya Toure in your midfield then he is far less likely to lose the header. You need 1.5 to 2 bars of power for this.


This requires you to aim towards the wing o f the side you're taking the goal - kick from and apply 3 - 4 bars of power. Sometimes you can get the ball to feet but more often than not you'll need to challenge for the header so don't use this option if you have players like Aaron Lennon on your wing. A player like Gareth Bale who is strong, tall and good at heading would be a good option to take.

After a sub has been made the forwards will automatically be back in their formation so a quick pass out is always an option here. We use this method a lot a nd it has NEVER been cut out by a forward.

The best method is the first one we mentioned, dinking the ball into your full backs. If, when you play this pass, the ball looks like it could be intercepted heading the ball back to the keeper is normally a go od option to take to bail you out of trouble.

Distribution from your GK's hands

You'll find that the GK has the ball in his hands numerous times throughout the game so it's important you can distribute the ball well from this position. A good tip here is to move around with your goalkeeper in the box first. This makes the opposition think you're going to launch the ball or if you run towards a full - back position then quickly change to throw the ball elsewhere.

Dropping the ball to feet is a good option to take (once the attackers have dropped off!) Use the through ball/rush GK out button to drop the ball at your GK's feet. You can then play to a full - back or centre - back to start your attack. Remember don't rush. You will outnumber the attackers with y our defenders so take your time and play the correct pass.

Throwing the ball to the full - back is a great way to start an attack, especially if you are looking to break quickly. As mentioned previously, move around the box first and change direction quick ly to cut out the chances of an interception. Throwing the ball to the winger works in the same way but obviously the need to hold onto the pass button longer to miss the full - back out is needed.

Rolling to the centre - back has it's element of risk attach ed to it but is another effective method of starting a possession especially if you have been using the full - backs for the vast majority of the game. This is the ball they will be expecting you to play so should free up a CB for you to use.

Kicking the ball either to the wings or down the middle is still a good option to take especially if your GK has claimed a cross from a corner as the defenders will likely be out of position and you can really put the pressure on the defenders to make a difficult head er or clearance.

Use of your GK in - play

Using the GK in - play is definitely something that players don't do enough of. There is slightly more risk in playing the ball back to them than in previous versions since the introduction of first touch control in FIFA 14 but usually they have 30 yards+ of space if you do play the ball back so I still use this option if necessary. Using L2/LT or L1/LB to initially control the ball will help with your GK's first touch definitely.

Once the ball is safely back to yo ur GK don't rush or panic as they will have the ball a few seconds at least before they are closed down and you will find that a lot of players won't even bother chasing the ball down. Dribble the ball to a side if needed (preferably towards their stronge r foot) and pick out the spare player in your defence or midfield. Using the short pass here is ok but the same pass as you used for the dinked ball to the full - back from the goal - kicks section works superbly well and can take out 3 attackers if timed cor rectly.

Of course it's not just about kicking with the GK, they will have saves to make and sweeping up to do. Don't keep your GK on the line, if you do it gives your opponents more time to react and makes you open to the square ball goal that many peopl e refer to as a tramp or sweaty goal! Having said this, don't just charge out with the GK recklessly. Try moving back and forth using the rush button holding it down and then releasing to make your attackers rush their shot or slow down to enable you to c atch them. This works particularly well if they are through on goal from near your halfway line. While chasing back with the defender make it look like you're going to rush all the way out with your GK and when you get to the edge of the box send him bac k. This will give your opponent a tough decision to make. Try a hard lob or long shot or try to get closer to goal. Usually they come off the sprint button to do this enabling you to get back and hopefully add some pressure to their shot using push and pull technique (see this area of the guide).

If your opposition is going to get a shot off you want to GK to be in the set position. This basically means they need to be standing still ready to dive or react to the shot coming towards them. If they are still rushing out it gives them less time to react meaning a higher chance of your opposition sticking the ball past him into the net.


This tip is a great discovery that I made in FIFA 14 and I have only shared with close friends and family UNTIL NOW!!! I stumbled across this tip by accident really. When there is a bit of a scramble in the box I tend to hit the shoot button many times quickly. This is because I wanted my players to just try and clear the ball at the first given opportunity. When I was doing this I found my GK making some unbelievable stops and some REALLY unbelievable double and TRIPLE saves. After this happening a few times I figured it could be something to do with me hitting the shoot button.

So, try get into the habit of hi tting the shoot button quickly as it looks as though your opponent is going to shoot. It seems to work and I have seen my GKs make so many top notch saves it is unreal. There is obviously nothing in the official manuals stating this but give it a go and see the results for yourself. They don't save everything (obviously) but I'm sure it has some affect on your GKs performances.

To summarise these tips

- Don't keep your goalkeeper static on the line
- Try to play out from the back wherever possible
- Kick to the wings more than the centre
- Don't rush or panic when your GK has the ball
- Trust your GK's touch (use L2/LT or L1/LB)
- Force the opposition into early shots
- Try to keep them guessing and mix up your distribution from the back
- Spam the sh oot button when they are about to shoot

Hopefully using these goalkeeper tips will see you conceding less goals and cutting out silly mistakes when taking goal - kicks or when you have the ball at your GKs feet.



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