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Number 1 Rule

ALWAYS use the shoot button to head the ball when co ntesting against an opposition player.

Trying to use the pass button when an attacker is challenging for the header is only going to increase the strikers chance of winning the header or result in you losing the challenge or flicking the ball towards your own goal. Definitely use the pass button to win the header when there are no strikers challenging as this will help you retain possession of the ball which is obviously better for building your attacks.

When defending headers in and around the area I ALWAYS use the shoot button. This eliminates any silly mistakes and then your job is to win the second ball. More often than not a header will land at least 30 - 40 yards from goal so even if they do win the ball then you have chance to set up again and defend the next attack. That is surely better than losing a header in the box leaving the opposition with a good chance of scoring?!

Winning headers from goal - kicks

There are two options you have here and both work superbly well.

Often goal - kicks wi ll be launched long by opposition and you will need to challenge for the header. I press L2/LT to help jockey my way into position while the ball is in the air. Sometimes this will enable you to get in front of the attacker, making the header even easier to win. However, if that doesn’t happen it will nudge your opponent to put them off balance. By making this early movement you will find that defenders (who are usually much stronger than attackers mainly) will have got their way in front of the striker . The next thing you need to do is now move backwards pushing back into the striker using the left stick. This will eliminate any danger of them pushing into you and lead to a free header for them or you flicking the ball on with your defender. So to su mmarise in simple terms

Goal kick taken >>> Press L2/LT whilst moving towards the ball to get in front of player or push them in the back >>> Ball will be about halfway to you by now >>> Push back against the opposition player if you are in front/drop back slightly in in behind the player still >>> As ball is dropping press and hold the shoot or pass button down whilst aiming using the left stick towards a player on your team. DONE!!

The other tip I can give you here is as follows.

The first movem ent you should make from a goal - kick this time is towards your own goal. By dropping off you can get a run at the ball. When the ball is approaching, press and hold the shoot or pass button down whilst pushing the left stick towards the ball. What will happen is your defender will overpower the striker and run right through and over the top of him to win the header. If you’re struggling with this technique try watching how professional footballers attack a ball, particularly defenders. So, as above we ’ll break it down for you.

Goal kick taken >>> Move your player back around 5 yards to back off the striker >>> As the ball is dropping begin to move your player forward towards the attacker and ball as it drops >>> Press and hold shoot or pass button unt il the header is won. DONE

The key tip here is to make sure you hold down the shoot/pass button while pushing the left stick towards where the ball is coming from to make your player attack the ball. I keep the left stick and shoot/pass button held unti l the header has been won.

Turn a defending situation into an attacking one

Winning headers from opposition long balls/goal - kicks is a brilliant way to start a counter attack for your team or even create a golden scoring opportunity. By using the method explained above, winning a header obviously sends the ball back to the opposi ng goal. Fairly often if you have a striker with pace they can get on the end of these headers leaving you with a one - on - one with the goalkeeper. This has been cut down dramatically since FIFA 12 but it still provides you with a great opportunity to crea te a good chance to build an attack or take a shot from inside the opponents final 3 rd .

Sometimes the ball will run through to the goalkeeper if you win a huge header but that is better than them winning the header and you ending up in trouble on the edge of your own area leaving your opponents with a good goal scoring chance.

Heading back to your goalkeeper

Many players you face will revert to using pace and lofted balls over the top of your defence to try and unlock you. Therefore, it is extremely impo rtant that you become comfortable with heading the ball back to your GK. 8/9 times out of 10 this is the best option to take when you’re running back to goal and the ball is going to land between the defender you’re controlling and the GK. The first thin g you need to do is move your player in front of the attackers run whilst moving back towards your own goal. Then, as the ball is coming down, hold triangle to bring your GK out slightly then let go and use the pass button whilst aiming towards the GK to head the ball back. By using the pass butt it will head the ball back accurately without too much power (using shoot will try force your defender into an uncomfortable header) to your GK. Obviously the further away from the penalty area you are the longe r you hold the pass button down for the header. If you are really close then 1 bar of power/tapping the pass button will work perfectly.

This is a great way of taking pressure off of your defenders and if they try the lobbed through ball (which is a dangerous weapon to have) and you are winning the ball easily by heading the ball back you’ll force them into a different style of play which i s something they are far less likely to be comfortable doing.

A telltale sign that they are going to be looking for a lobbed through ball is a combination of the following points

- They have small forwards with pace
- They keep using the 1
- 2 pass near th e halfway line. (Look out for their players making runs after passing the ball)
- They rarely use the wings and look to attack through the centre of the pitch.

Heading has always been a strong part of my game by now I would say it is right up there as o ne of the strongest if not THE strongest area of my game and I rarely lose headers when defending and win the vast majority of headers when attacking and flicking the ball on etc. I do concede from the odd corner but that is extremely uncommon and I am fr ustrated with myself when I do. This usually happens when I can’t select the person I want outside of the box quickly enough, which in turn, leads to the auto change (air balls setting) not selecting the right man. See the defending corners area of the s ite for more reading on this part and how best to deal with opposition corners.

Winning more headers on FIFA 14 will be absolutely crucial to your success on the game. In an average match you will be competing at least 20 - 30 times per game for aerial bal ls. Thus, the importance of reading these tips, putting them into practice and perfecting your heading technique.



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