FIFA 14 Defending Cheats: Jockeying

Date: Oct 17 2013 03:27:27 Source: FIFA EXPORT Views:
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Jo ckeying, for me, is a far more effective way of defending than containing. Firstly, with the contain you are forced to close down a player to within a certain distance. Using jockey instead will allow you to dictate the distance you wish to make your def ender close the ball down from. This is particularly effective when defending against counter attacks. Another plus point for jockeying is the ability to sprint whilst doing so which can be very effective, in particular on the wings. The key to jockeyin g is not diving in and waiting to make an interception or force the player you’re up against into wider areas which are obviously less of a threat to you.

A huge bonus of defending when jockeying is when you do win the ball or intercept your player will a utomatically be taking a better touch because of the L2/LT button and you’ll also be able to turn out of tight areas to then be able to build up your attack.

Jockeying works well in conjunction with playing a counter attacking style as the opposition are likely to advance towards you in numbers as you will be inviting them onto you. When you win the ball back you can quickly spring into action and counter quickly and sharply.



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