FIFA 14: 20 Best Young Players Walkthrough

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15. Marco Verratti (Paris-Saint Germain)
Age: 21; Pos: CDM/CM; Overall Rating: 77 (potential: 88)
Marco Verratti has already been given a lofty comparison to modern day great Andre Pirlo, and, at least in FIFA 14, his ability shows that evaluation is an astute one. Physically, he is not very imposing, nor is he particularly fast. Nonetheless, he has great playmaking and defensive attributes. His passing and vision stats are top notch, while he also provides a rugged, battling quality that is needed in the middle of the park. With the potential to improve his overall rating into the high 80's, you are ensured you will be getting value for money if Verratti is one of your early purchases in career mode.

14. Bruma (Galatasaray)
Age: 18; Pos: LW/RW; Overall Rating: 75 (potential: 88)
Comparisons with fellow countryman Cristiano Ronaldo have been forthcoming for young Bruma already, due to their similarities in style and also because both previously played for Portuguese side, Sporting CP. As you would expect due to the link with Ronaldo, Bruma possesses plenty of speed and dribbling skills. His end product is slightly lacking in all departments, but after a couple of seasons of steady development that problem will be amended. Can play on both wings, which makes him a versatile squad player.

13. Paul Pogba (Juventus)
Age: 20; Pos: CM/CDM; Overall Rating: 79 (potential: 87)
With hindsight, many people are saying that letting Paul Pogba leave Man United was Sir Alex Ferguson's last mistake as manager for the club. The Manchester club's loss was Juventus' gain, however, with Pogba helping them to the Serie A league title last season. In FIFA 14, he is the complete central midfielder. And that's before he even starts fulfilling his potential! Strong defensively, strong on the front foot; Pogba would slot nicely into the centre of almost any midfield from the outset. Not to mention that his stature, measuring in at 6'2", makes him a true physical presence. Like I said, he is the complete central midfielder.

12. David Alaba (Bayern München)
Age: 21; Pos: LB/CM; Overall Rating: 81 (potential: 84)
David Alaba is the current first choice left-back for Bayern München, a team that is generally regarded as the best club in the world right now. Based on just that fact, it is clear to see that Alaba is an excellent player. His stats are strong across the board – minus finishing – which means the Austrian international can play in more places than just left-back. Nurture him properly and he can either be your complete left back or your complete centre midfielder. That choice is up to you, but if that doesn't signify versatility in a football player, then I don't know what else will!

11. Stephan El Shaarawy (AC Milan)
Age: 21; Pos: LW/CF; Overall Rating: 81 (potential: 87)
The second AC Milan player on the list, Stephan El Shaarawy is already an established name in the world of football despite being just 21 years old. In the game, he is great at getting in behind defences' with his fast dribbling ability, and is also adept in finishing any created chances. Deploying him as a deep forward in a team might work best, as his vision and short passing talents will also mean he can bag plenty of assists, as well. With his potential, the Italian starlet will prove to be one of the best strikers in FIFA 14 within a few seasons of career mode.

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