FIFA 14 Controls Tips

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Struggling to get to grips with the basics in FIFA 14? Here's the guide to staying on top of the ball.

FIFA 14 Controls Tips

- To clear the ball out of danger, or simply take a goal-kick and send the ball down the pitch, make a big swipe while in your own half. If a teammate is within range and position of the player who's making the shot, they'll attempt to pass the ball in their direction.

- Once you've mastered the basics of the game, you'll want to look into faking some shots to keep your opponents on their toes. When you're in the box, swipe left or right of the player to add a dummy effect to your play.

FIFA 14 Controls Tips

- If you want a player to break away from the pack, and gain a little more open space for themselves, hold down on the player and then drag them into the position you want them to move towards. This is a great way of building up attacking moves, and should be mastered as soon as you've nailed the basics.

- If you want to bring your goalkeeper into play in a one-on-one situation, hold down on the goalie and then drag towards the attacker. Note that this is a very risky strategy, as the striker may simply chip over your goalkeeper to score.

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