FIFA 14 Cheats & Tips: Manager Mode

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The trickiest part of football management life you'll have to deal with in FIFA 14 is negotiating new players for your squad. Need some help with player statuses? Here's a complete, at-a-glance breakdown of what each player status means.

Status                                                              Explanation
For Loan             The player is available for loan but you will have to pay their salary during the loan. No transfer fee.
For Sale              This is a general flag that means the player is available to buy.
Free Agent          You will pay no transfer fee for signing these players.
Negotiating          You are already in negotiations. Use the Shortlist screen to adjust terms.
On Loan              You cannot negotiate with players who are already on loan to another club.
Retiring                The player will retire at the end of the season, and you cannot change their mind about this.

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