Game of War: Fire Age Attack Guide: How to Attack and Occupy Kingdoms, Tiles and Wonders

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Defense is the starting point in Game of War: Fire Age, but offense is what it's really all about. It's the difference between a player, or an alliance, who simply blends in or a player/alliance who stands out and dominates the map. With good attack strategies you can dominate any player, load up on resources, send players all over the map, and even become the ruler of your kingdom by occupying a wonder. Read on for a guide on how to attack in Game of War: Fire Age!

It all begins with training troops. Early on, you'll only have the most basic troops – the swordsmen, the slingers, the outriders and the battering rams. This will be all that you have for awhile, so your goal should be to train a massive amount of them. Build more barracks, and upgrade the barracks as high as you can, in order to train as many of them as you can. You can't train more than one line of troops, but you can increase the size of the line.

Training several thousand basic troops will be more than enough to attack low level players and to occupy resource tiles. Resource tiles are unguarded. A good strategy early on if you want to rack up kills is to stalk the map, watch for players who are on a march to another kingdom, and then attack their kingdom while their armies are out of town.

If you succeed in destroying their kingdom, it will appear to be on fire on the map. You'll earn resources (assuming that they have more resources than their warehouses can hold) – however, if you don't earn any of the warehoused resources, you'll still earn silver, since it's not protected by the warehouse.


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