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This post will go to check out some Gold Diggers cheats, tips and tricks to help you stay alive for longer and get as deep as possible.

Gold Diggers

1. Use the starting area to complete missions
Your in-game missions will be easier if you try to get as much as possible from the starting stages where the speed is really low: avoid worms, get near misses, collect coins… everything is easier there. Just have in mind that for the 250m without turning you might want to use the rocket boost!

2. Watch the exclamation marks on screen
The announce incoming dangers like worms. Make sure to stay away from them, but also plan your moves so that you don’t end up avoiding a worm, but hitting a fire pillar or rock.

3. Try to always pick up the floating star
You will also know a few seconds before it appears on the screen where it will be because there will be its tail on the screen. Each star gives you 2 extra seconds in the minigame and that means free gold for you!

4. Master the lava game
Probably the most difficult at fast speeds is the lava game where you don’t have to stay for too long in the lava or you will lose a life. Don’t forget that you can quickly move your cart by rapidly swiping your finger on the screen and that is the only way to get past the lava level: be fast and as precise as possible.

5. Get the glowing shooting power-up
When you see it, try to get it as it gives you a cannon for some time, perfect to shoot down pillars or worms. Remember, though, that you need to shoot the source of fire and not the fire itself in order to destroy them!

6. Ignore the gold
As strange as this might sound as an advice, it’s always better to ignore the gold and stay alive than get a few nuggets and lose one cart. The good areas to collect more gold are the rail ones, but again be vary careful there and never risk it. Play safe and you’ll play long!

7. How to escape mother worm
Mother worm (the big worm that bites you from behind) is pretty easy to avoid: simply make sure you move from arrow to arrow, that gives you a speed boost and keeps mother worm away.

8. What to spend your money on
Utilities are pretty worthless because they only give you momentary boosts. However, for completing missions, you can use them – magnet, head start bonus… these can be good in specific situation and for mission purposes, but not more. The best thing to do is to wait to get enough money for getting Bambi – the girl gives you one extra life which is extremely useful. The wagons and drills are purely aesthetic (or at least I haven’t found a real use for them) so don’t get them before Bambi.

9. Keep playing!
Skill is what makes you good at Gold Diggers, so the only thing you can do is to keep playing, get those reflexes to maximum levels and you’ll be all set!



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