Grand Theft Auto: iFruit Tips, Tricks & Strategies Guide

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Grand Theft Auto: iFruit is the companion app to the brand new Grand Theft Auto V, as well as Grand Theft Auto Online. The iFruit app is out for iOS right now, but soon it’s going to be coming, in identical form, to the Android and (oddly enough) Windows Phone platforms. Even when you aren’t playing GTA V, you can use the iFruit app to make some fun changes to customize your gaming experience, as well as to stay connected with the world of GTA. Read on for some tips and tricks for Grand Theft Auto: iFruit!

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit Tip, Tricks & Strategies Guide

Caring for your dog Chop is one of the biggest points of iFruit. He’s kind of like a virtual pet or a Tamagotchi, except that what you do in iFruit will affect him in Grand Theft Auto. Your main goal is to keep his happiness meter up. To do this, find a balance in everything.

That means feed him when he wants to be fed, but don’t feed him too much. Walk him when he wants to be walked, but don’t walk him too often. Clean up after him when he poops by pinching the poop with two fingers and moving it to the trash can. Take him for a walk every so often, as well. You can give Chop gifts too to reward him for his behavior.

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit Tip, Tricks & Strategies Guide

If you teach Chop new tricks in the app, he’ll start doing them in the game. Tap on the ribbon icon to start teaching him tricks, and then use the gifts to reward him for doing the tricks. He’ll learn to do the tricks on his own, both in the app and in GTA V.

You can also customize your cars in Grand Theft Auto: iFruit. Your customizations cost money, and many of them require unlocking, which you will have to do in GTA V itself. Once you unlock items in GTA V, though, you can go to iFruit and play with them.

Increase power and decrease weight by changing out the engine, the exhaust, and the charger. Brakes and suspension will both change the handling of your vehicle. Other options, such as painting your car, window tinting, putting new rims on your car, etc, are purely cosmetic. The armor option will make your car more impervious to attacks in GTA V. Use the order button to order the car in Grand Theft Auto: iFruit.

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