Gunner Z Cheats & Tips: Kill More Zombies and Make More Money

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Here are some useful tips to help you get started with Gunner Z, make a little more cash, and take out a lot more zombies.

Gunner Z Cheats & Tips: Kill More Zombies and Make More Money

How do I unlock new trucks and weapons in Gunner Z?

You have two types of currency in Gunner Z - general cash and Z bucks. You'll need a combination of the two in order to unlock new goods for your trucks and keep them repaired. Thankfully, the in-game jobs provide plenty of opportunities to earn both, provided that you can complete them successfully of course.

Gunner Z Cheats & Tips: Kill More Zombies and Make More Money

What weapons are available in Gunner Z?

There are two general weapons you'll use in the game - a turret gun of some kind (like a .50 Cal) and a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher is good for major damage against larger enemies, hordes and vehicles, but they're fewer in supply, so you'll want to use them sparingly. The turret gun usually refills on ammo after running out, but you'll be defenseless for a couple of seconds.

Gunner Z Cheats & Tips: Kill More Zombies and Make More Money

Which weapon should I use in Gunner Z?

When it comes to your standard assault against the zombies, just stick with the regular guns. Your enemies will fall rather easily with just a few bullets. If you're surrounded though, or larger flying and road-based vehicles are causing you problems, aim carefully and fire away with a well-timed rocket.

How can I improve my accuracy in Gunner Z?

Make sure you use your turret gun sparingly. Holding down the fire button may seem like a good idea, but you'll lose a good amount of your accuracy as a result. Firing in spurts, on the other hand, gives you better pinpointing against enemies.

How do I deal with rival gunners in Gunner Z?

Rival gunners can be a real pain, as they unload gunfire on you that will wipe out your health if you aren't careful. Try to focus on them first until they're eliminated, and then work on the much slower zombies.

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