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1. Earn more rings by completing missions in quests or party

Rings are the premium currency of the game that you will need to build the entire high school
Besides, you will be assigned to recruit people from the nearby rival school, Hearst High, via throwing parties and building hangouts and classrooms.

In line with this, you can earn free rings by connecting the game to Facebook and linking your Facebook friends with classmates in the game.Then you simply hit the "share" button after you link someone to a character so that you can get rewards for up to 20 of your linked classmates.On the other side, extra classmates that you do not necessarily want can be removed, as you can "sell them" to others and recruit new profitable ones.

High School Story

In addition, accomplishing certain quests can also earn you free rings as well.
Moreover, you will collect a ring bonus every time that you get an experience level
Thus, get your experience increased to earn some free rings that will be 10 rings per experience level gained in the quest.

2. Make some coins by having some hangouts

Coins are the primary currency in the game whereby you have to maximize the number of hangouts that you have.Missions like quests and parties in this game can take a while to complete.Having the nerd hangouts will earn you 3,500 coins at a time. Meanwhile, go for jock hangouts to collect 2,000 coins at a time.And Prep hangouts will offer you 1,000 coins at a time, although they do accumulate coins much more quickly.

However, if you want more students, you can go with the prep ones, since they can have a maximum of three students, compared with two for the jock and nerd.

In other way of making those coins, you can try to set time of your phone device
By setting the time for next few hours you will be able to earn coins very quickly.
By doing action will allow you to cut down the waiting period for quests, as getting quests accomplished will be your resources of having coins.

Furthermore, unlocking the Isle of Love, sending people on dates there, and sending couples on dates over and over again will make you a coin bonus whenever a couple earns another heart
Note that the more hearts they end up with, the bigger the heart bonus that they will earn.

3. Select your character that will be the best to make a profit in completing each mission

You will have the choice of three students namely a jock, a prep and a nerd.They attract different types, and you can combine people at hangouts to get particular students to join your clique.In description, if you want to attract a gamer, play as a jock and a nerd at your hangout to do so.

Your goal is to create your ideal school so that you have to make sure to have a good mix of buildings. As a result, you will have a great school and it will attract some people to educate kids there
One thing, you have to make sure they receive proper learning, and also have a good time during there.

High School Story

4. Try to invest in a huge chunk of land to have a great building

This game will quickly fill up with buildings, in which you will need room to put them all. For such reasons, you have to use your money to widen your territory to build more and more school buildings among the other players.

On the other word, the bigger school you have, the better school like Hearst High you will get.
Therefore, just try to have some hangouts to make some coins cash in order to build your school to be the greatest one.

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