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In High School Story, you play as the first student at a brand new high school -- a school that's going to need your help to grow. You recruit friends, send them out on dates, throw parties, and live the story as it unfolds!

Building Your School

Put yourself in the game and build your dream school, filled with all of your friends!

Decorate your school with everything from a box of puppies to a dinosaur skeleton.

Dating and Romance

Go on dates or play matchmaker by setting up your friends!

Think you know who would make the perfect couple? Now's your chance to set them up! Couples start off flirting, but send them on enough dates, and they'll fall in love or even become soul mates!


Unlock new cliques! Meet and recruit new students by throwing parties! You can recruit jocks, nerds, preps, cheerleaders, gamers, hipsters, and more!

Throw enough parties, and you can unlock the extra-rare Homecoming Prince and Princess!

Story Quests

Experience your character's high school journey and make choices about how you want to live high school, from how you handle confrontations to who you want to date!

The Educational Updates

The developer want to release a series of educational updates with new features that encourage players to improve their real-world academics and critically think about the world around them.

The educational update will introduce two big new features that integrate learning with rewards in the game. These features are Learning Packs and Current Event Polling. Learning Packs focus on quizzing and story integration of educational content. Current Event Polling focuses on encouraging global thinking and sparking discussion with friends.

1. Learning Packs - October 2013

Players can opt to take quizzes that will test their knowledge of various subjects such as math, science, and SAT prep. If players do well on these quizzes, they will earn rewards in the game.

Design proposal for Quiz Packs.

Design proposal for the layout of quizzes.

Sample story integration.

2. Current Event Polling - November 2013

In-game current event polls will ask players their opinions on current events, from pop culture to world news. Players will also be able to see what their Facebook-linked friends think about these topics. We hope this will encourage players to become more informed and open up avenues for discussion between players with different views.

Design proposal for current event polling.

Design proposal for how polling might appear in-game.

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