Jelly Splash More Hints, Cheats & Strategies Guide

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Instead of combos being made as soon as three or more jellies touch, you have to drag your finger across three or more jellies to knock them out. This includes jellies of the same color that are diagonal from each other. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jelly Splash.

An easy cheat to get free lives is to set the time ahead on your phone when you run out. Set the time on your phone or iPad ahead half an hour for each life that you need to recover. When you set the time back to normal, the free lives will be gone and the recovery time will go back to normal, so set the time on your phone back to normal whenever you decide you’re done playing.

There are a variety of different styles of stages for the game. Go for the biggest combos of jellies as possible, in order to not only conserve your moves, but to cause more super jellies to appear. The bigger the combo, the more likely you are to get super jellies.

Dark jelly stages are especially easy to beat with the super jellies. The spot that you stop your finger on is the spot where the jelly starts to destroy the row. If you get two of the same color super jellies in one row, then the rows above, below, left and right of where you stopped the combo will all be cleared out.

When rescuing the jellies, if you hit a trapped jelly with a super jelly, then you’ll knock off 5 points. Otherwise, if the trapped jelly is part of a combo, the number will decrease corresponding to the amount of jellies that you clear in the combo – for example, if it’s at 20, and you clear a six-jelly combo that includes the trapped jelly, the number will drop to 14.

In any stage where mushrooms and other blockades appear, clear out the mushrooms as quickly as possible by making combos next to them. They block jelly from falling, which can severely hamper your ability to make big combos, so the faster you clear them out, the bigger the combos you can make.

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