Jungle Heat Cheats & Tips

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As your goal is to collect resources, train troops that can defend your jungle base, build your base into a powerhouse, and build your defenses up until they are downright impenetrable. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat Cheats & Tips

Jungle Heat offers almost nothing in the way of tutorials, so after you’re done with the initial bare-bones tutorial, you’re kind of left to your own devices. It’s fairly simple – level up your gold and oil producing buildings (and add more of them), then use them to build up your military buildings, and to upgrade them. Upgrade your command center to unlock new buildings, such as the armory, which allows you to level up your troops.

Jungle Heat Cheats & Tips

When attacking other bases, try to beat the bases with the fewest amount of troops possible, since any deployed troop is gone when the battle is over. A good strategy to get easy resources is to use your slashers to distract the fire of the cannons, then send in the spies to raid for resources. Once you get the gunners, use them to quickly take out defenses (such as cannons). Blow holes in walls using the Bombers to make things easier for the rest of your troops.

Jungle Heat Cheats & Tips

You’re going to run out of diamonds quickly if you constantly use them to speed up your building, but completing achievements will earn you more diamonds. Tap on the achievements list to see what you have to do. They’ll earn you both diamonds and experience.

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