Madden NFL 25 Guide: Get More Gold, Platinum, Ultimate and Legend Players

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In Madden NFL 25, normal cards are the ones you start with, but gold ones are far higher ranking, and platinum, legend and ultimate ones are even more powerful, and can make or break the playoffs. Read on to find out how to get more of all four of these types of cards!

Out of all of the rare cards, the gold ones are the most common. Gold cards can be gotten from the beginner packs, which contain 4 normal players and 1 gold player. The Gold Card Starter Pack will earn you 10 gold players – no normal players, no platinum, legend or ultimate players. It’s nothing but gold players. The Pro Pack also has a chance of earning you gold cards, although the chance isn’t fixed.

The greatness of the Pro Pack, though, is in the fact that it can earn you one platinum card, ultimate card or legend card. Four of the cards will be completely random, but one of the cards will be platinum at minimum.

Solo Challenges will earn you special cards when you complete them. The easiest ones will earn you gold cards, while the rank of the cards goes up as the challenges become more advanced and more difficult. Once you get it, you can either put it in you team or put it up for auction.

Auctions are the best way to earn gold card and above. Find gold cards for cheap prices, then mark them up and put them back on the market to sell them for a profit, so that you can earn more coins and buy even better cards. Or just take a bunch of coins into the auction area, then go bid on auctions for rare players at positions that you need them at, then put them on your team to strengthen it.

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