Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Guide: Get More Free Iso-8 & Hero Points

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Iso-8 is used for training your heroes and their powers, while hero points are used for buying new rare heroes. Read on for tips and tricks on how to get more of both in Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign.

The most reliable way to earn some more Iso-8 is to play in the versus mode. If you beat someone within three turns, you’ll earn Iso-8 as a bonus, and it’s usually very easy to beat someone in three turns. Just try to fight against players who are a similar strength to you, or weaker.

Increase your rating in the versus battles by beating more people, and you will end up getting large bonuses for when you pass certain criteria. For example, earn 50 rating points to earn 100 Iso-8, then 100 more for 150, then 250, etc. As you rank up further, you can often earn bonuses of 250 to 500 Iso-8 at a time.

You can also earn Iso-8 from the main single player missions, although you won’t really find them as frequently as you will find them in the Versus mode. Still, play the single player modes, and replay stages that you have already beaten in order to earn more of it.

If you get duplicate covers (and you are VERY likely to, especially duplicate covers of Iron Man), sell the covers that you aren’t using for some extra Iso-8. You can’t use more than one of the same cover in battle, so sell all of the duplicate ones and then use the Iso-8 to find unique covers or to level up your fighters.

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