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Mega Dead Pixel is different than most endless runners on the market, not only going in a unique direction with design, but also gameplay. It also won't leave you bummed over freemium Microtransactions, as you can unlock most of what it has to offer without paying a dime - if you're good enough, that is. Here are some tips to get started in Chillingo's latest.


How does the gameplay work in Mega Dead Pixel?

It's a matter of painting and avoiding objects. You paint black objects on the screen by "brushing" past them, just one row over from where they sit. If you run right into them, the game is over, so make sure you hover over one so you can paint it.

Once you paint enough objects in succession - getting a string of two or more in a run will increase your chance of doing this - you'll unlock the Mega Pixel, a large block that eliminates a certain number of objects in a run. Plow through everything you can in this size, then go back to painting once you return to normal.

It's a simple process, but it's fun, especially once you start building combos. Just be warned - the screen speeds up as you go along. No one said painting was easy.


Are there any tips for painting like a pro in Mega Dead Pixel?

If you can, watch out for objects that string together without needing to zig-zag too much between paths. Straying too far may result in a collision, while switching across two-to-three rows gives you a better chance of finishing your painting.

In addition, watch out for special formations. Painting these will earn you a hefty coin bounty. View the collectibles tab of the Pixelbook tab to see what to look out for.

Do I have to pay for Microtransactions in Mega Dead Pixel?

Not really. There are MegaCoins you can use as extra lives to continue your run without starting over, but you'll be able to use in-game coins to buy them. There are plenty scattered throughout each stage, but if you're the impatient type, you can buy some ranging from $1.99 to $49.99, or check out the promotional offers to earn free currency.

As for the rest of the unlockables - hats, power-ups, that sort of thing - you can buy them using coins that you earn. The game has plenty to offer, so you never feel pressured to dig into your wallet. Unless, again, you're impatient.

How do the power-ups work?

They can be found in the Bonuses section, and you'll unlock thee items by completing challenges. These include Bombs, which clear everything in your path; Pistols that let you shoot certain objects in front of you; and the Instant Mega Pixel, which lets you transform without having to worry about build-up. Check to see which ones are available, and see what works right for you.

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