Monsters University: Catch Archie Bejinner's Guide

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Monsters University: Catch Archie is the new iPhone and iPad app designed to promote the upcoming Disney and Pixar movie, Monsters University. You play as the main monster Mike Wazowski, who is majoring in scaring, but your goal in this game is to catch Archie the scare dog, who seems to always want to run away. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monsters University: Catch Archie for the iOS!

The game plays much like the endless runner games that everybody loves for smartphones and tablets, except that there are a finite number of stages in the game, and the goal is to catch Archie before the time runs out. Ignore the timer, though, as your only goal is not to hit anything while you are running after Archie. The bike rack is the thing that everybody seems to trip over, though. To make sure that you don’t trip over the bike rack, swipe at the very last second before you are about to hit it because if you jump too early, you’ll fall right into it.

Monsters University: Catch Archie

As for the slides and the swipes, you can time them the same way, but you can also extend your slide and your swipe indefinitely by simply swiping down, left, or right over and over again. You’ll stay to either the left, to the right, or in a slide position, making it very easy for you to avoid or to slide under obstacles.

Monsters University: Catch Archie

Once you jump on Archie, alternate your taps to the left or to the right, letting the balance meter swing back and forth but controlling which way it swings. Don’t let it stay in the center as when it stays in the center, it will immediately go one way or the other and become unpredictable. At least when you are swinging it left and right you know what way it’s going.

Tap the screen with multiple fingers on one hand on each side when the game starts requiring you to tap faster. This will enable you to be able to tap at only half the speed that you normally would have to, making it very easy to beat even the hard stages with three star scores.

If you’re doing all this and you are still having trouble scoring three stars, make sure that you are collecting every single pennant that you come across, and that you are hitting the “grab” button immediately as soon as it pops up.

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