My Muppets Show Combo Codes Guide: Muppet Theater + The Kitchen

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Here are the combo codes for the first stage (Muppet Theater):

Animal = COINS (No Digitization Formula)
< Needed for Big Mo, Durwood Clapper, Snowth >

Rowlf = COINS (No Digitization Formula)
< Needed for Rats, Durwood Clapper, The Divettes >

Sam Eagle = COINS (No Digitization Formula)
< Needed for Big Mo, Rats, Jax Strumley >

Floyd = COINS (No Digitization Formula)
< Needed for Jax Strumley, Snowth, The Divettes >
You'll need to level up a bit before Floyd will be available to Digitize.

Big Mo = Animal + Sam Eagle (30 Min)
< Needed for Zoot and Mahna Mahna >

Rats = Rowlf + Sam Eagle (30 Min)
< Needed for Zoot and Gonzo >

Durwood Clapper = Animal + Rowlf (30 Min)
< Needed for Miss Piggy >

Zoot = Big Mo + Rats (2 Hours)
< Not Needed for Any Digitization Formulas >

Jax Strumley = Floyd + Sam Eagle (4 Hours)
< Needed for Kermit and Fozzie >

Snowth = Animal + Floyd (4 Hours)
< Needed for Mahna Manha and Gonzo >

The Divettes = Floyd + Rowlf (4 Hours)
< Needed for Miss Piggy >

Mahna Manha = Big Mo + Snowth (6 Hours)
< Not Needed for Any Digitization Formulas>

Miss Piggy = Durwood Clapper + The Divettes (6 Hours)
< Needed for Kermit >

Gonzo = Rats + Snowth (6 Hours)
< Needed for Fozzie >

Kermit = Jax Strumley + Miss Piggy (6 Hours)
< Not Needed for Any Digitization Formulas >

Fozzie = Jax Strumley + Gonzo (6 Hours)
< Not Needed for Any Digitization Formulas >

Note that you're not guaranteed to get the correct Muppet even if you use the proper formula. In particular, the ones that take twelve hours to obtain (6 through Harv-E and another 6 in the Digitizer) may take several attempts before they work right.(You'll know you got the WRONG muppet if the time listed is shorter than what should have appeared.)

Below is a quick Digitization Guide to Stage Two (The Kitchen). Some of the formulas are different because not all the same Muppets are available on this stage!

Animal = COINS (No Digitization Formula)

Floyd = COINS (No Digitization Formula)

Rowlf = COINS (No Digitization Formula)

[NEW!] Swedish Chef = COINS (No Digitization Formula)

Jax Strumley = Rowlf + Floyd (2 Rooms)

[NEW!] Chickens = Swedish Chef + Rowlf (2 Rooms)

Big Mo = Swedish Chef + Animal (2 Rooms)

[NEW!] Kizzy = Animal + Floyd (2 Rooms)

The Divettes = Animal + Rowlf (2 Rooms)

[NEW!] Veggies = Floyd + Swedish Chef (2 Rooms)

Gonzo = Jax Strumley + Chickens (3 Rooms)

Zoot = Jax Strumley + Veggies (3 Rooms)

[NEW!] Beaker = The Divettes + Zoot (3 Rooms)

[NEW!] Rizzo = Veggies + Gonzo (3 Rooms)

[NEW!] Walter = Gonzo + Kizzy (3 Rooms)

Kermit = Walter + Jax Strumley (3 Rooms)

<< Durwood Clapper, Fozzie, Mahna Mahna, Miss Piggy, Rats, Sam Eagle and Snowth CANNOT be Digitized in The Kitchen. >>

Food costs to "level up" are the same, but it takes longer to Digitize Muppets in this location
(the starting Muppets like Animal all take two hours per step, and Big Mo (at least I THINK that's
who I'm digitizing right now!) takes six hours per step.

It's also more expensive to instantly buy a Muppet with Gems (something I recommend you NEVER do), ranging from 150 to 500 Gems per Muppet.

The Dressing Room upgrade costs are also more expensive and take longer. (I think it's 15,000 Coins and 8 Hours for the FIRST upgrade, so the last one will probably be a small fortune.) Since you're limited to 4 Rooms in the first dressing room, you'll probably want to start the first dressing room upgrade ASAP.

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