My Muppets Show Feferral Code (Free Diamonds)

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If you've played My Muppets Show you'll want friends mostly for achievements, along with a referral code to put in to give both you (and the person who's code you're using) diamonds. (You get 20 diamonds for entering a referral code, which can be very useful to "speed create" your first few muppets and be able to start "digitizing" more advanced Muppets right away.)

If you're looking for friends / a diamond referral for this game, check the code below, and you can leave your code on comment.

          11231234FA           1211458NM           14379394LE           105794FM           938306AG
          938306AG           430403DL           10456963FD           430403DL           5799555CG
          5937090AG           8043906JM           3729858KK           1248514JE           2405890GC
          6220547EJ           508482D           II28I282CG           5087043EF           3013057BN
          I038402JE           2156738FM           72271GB           2919234HM           I3339586DE
          6632961AD           5411651BH           2170498je           15225154na           14465922NI
          5411651BH           2919234HM           936451MN           749378NA           4965141C
          I038402JE           4910210AC           2755203KF           4056386EG           3547330LM
          3826050EC           3892482IK           473154HM           2520386DE           2413698JA

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