NBA 2K14 Hints, Tips & Strategies Guide

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Even if you're playing with LeBron James, it never hurts to have advice before hitting the court. Here are some tips that will have you dunking in no time in NBA 2K14.

-Don't bother with the one-touch control scheme. It's gimmicky and doesn't give you complete control over players on the court. The classic system works much better, with superior maneuverability and the chance to execute sweeter plays.

-When heading to the rim, be careful – the defense can eat you alive, even if it's a lower ranked team like the Washington Wizards. Use one of your techniques to fake out the other player, such as a spin or dash – using a double tap of the shoot button — to get deeper into the lane. Then pull off your shot, or pass to an open man on the outside so he can shoot.

-The other team will do its best to get yours to commit fouls. Don't fall for it. Instead, try to keep a man close to the basket, then switch to him once the shot is made so you can box out and grab the rebound.

On defense, if someone's moving in for a dunk, get in his face for a block. Sometimes you'll foul, but using these techniques will provide a better chance to get the ball back.

-In Multiplayer, the Game Center option works better when it comes to connecting with others, as Bluetooth takes quite a while to get started. Make sure you're logged into your account before seeking fellow players.

-When it comes to Path to Greatness, make sure you have a lot of time to invest. No matter which route you take – Fantastic Journey or Heat Dynasty – you'll have a number of objectives you'll need to complete with LeBron James. We suggest Fantastic Journey. Although it has more objectives, the end goal is much more interesting, as you can guide LeBron to whatever team you prefer. Ever see him in a Knick uniform? Now's your chance.

-Practice. There's a mode devoted to letting you practice dunks and three pointers. This allows you to get a hang of thEven if you're playing with LeBron James, it never hurts to have advice before hitting the court. On that note, here are some tips that will have you dunking in no time.e shooting system, as it'll indicate whether you're shooting early or shooting late. Get the timing down and you'll be able to score points with your team anywhere, including from three-point range.

-Finally, if you get a chance, change the camera option to Nosebleeds. It'll take you a bit further away from the action, but it'll allow you to see the court in one shot; this makes passing much easier. That really makes a difference, especially when you're trying to hit a buzzer beater.



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