Pocket Trains Cheats and Strategy Part 2

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Pocket Trains is generally seen as a cute and cuddly, free-to-play game, but if you're a hardcore gamer with a hunger and fascination with trains, this page is for you.

Plist Hack: Edit the nimblebit plist file in preferences...if you want to be blacklisted. However this may only occur if you try to share a LOT of parts with other players. ( this cheat works but NOT RECOMMENDED , this hurts nimblebit's wallet, feelings and future!)

Internal clock: If the device's internal clock is edited, you can cause jobs to complete quicker, but resetting the time will cause the fuel to become negative. In version 1.3, a prompt appears after resetting the time "Space time distortion detected - Recalibrating trains" and your fuel is reset to 0. Even if your fuel is full and you have no jobs travelling, you will still be reverted to 0 fuel. Trains with travel time remaining before moving the time back have their time extended (it is 1:00, and you move the time forward to 2:00, there are for minutes left on a job, and you revert the time: your job will now have 1 hour and 4 minutes to compete).

Android Hacks: A small cheat for beginners: If you know a challenge with worthful crafst to be delivered, just play that day again. How it works: Lets take sunday 6th of october, silver (4 coins worth each craft!) had to be delivered. Set your devces date to 6th of october and check the challenge status in the menue page. You have to deliver the silver again. Having completed the deliveries, you get another special crate and some bux. Bouns: if you didn´t change anything in your game play setup (no new cities), the destination city will still be the same.

Heavy hack for pro hackers: Having rooted your Android device, you can cheat like hell: Raise your level Get a helluva Bux, Money and Crates! Check this picture out:

Pocket Trains Cheats

Choosing cars

Pocket Trains is more logistics based than Pocket Planes, but a similar feature shared by Pocket Trains and its predecessor is how cargo is priced.

Pocket Trains determines how much you get per car by the "value rating" of the car, which acts as a multiplier, and by how far it needs to go to reach its destination. For example: all Gasoline cars have 4 coins underneath them while all Water cars have 1 coin. Between any two given cities, transporting a Gasoline will generate 4 times as many coins (or bux) as a Water. The value rating of a car is the same for coins and bux: transporting Gasoline for bux will generate 4 times as many bux as Water.

Essentially, if you're given the choice between moving cars between two specific cities, move more coins.

Buying track

Another strategy to try is making long tracks. You've probably realized that the further your cars go, the more money you get for them. The amount of money you receive depends on the distance between the starting and destination cities, not the amount of track between them. The orientation of your your tracks doesn't matter. Whether they are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, your payment depends on their distance. The straighter your tracks are, the faster your trains arrive at their destination (and spend less time refueling), and so the faster you make money.

Your thoughts and methods are appreciated! head over to the Strategy, Discussion page and tell us your theories and methods!


Pocket Trains does not come with an objective (unless you count Achievements), so when you play you make your own. Very likely, your plans are great and that means expensive to carry out. How do you get there as fast as possible without spending real world money?


On the face of it, the game has 3 currencies: Crates (both special and normal), bux, and coins. However, the worth of your rail network also includes capital investments: train engines and fuel cars, stations, tracks, railroads, and licenses. Here's how each of these are produced:

  • Trains: 1 crate plus 10 bux produces 1 train part. 3 to 14 parts produces one train engine or fuel car. (Note: the selection of parts improves the higher your level is.)
  • Stations: These cost 10 bux for each upgrade.
  • Tracks: You build track for a certain amount of coins and then spend more coins to grant a railroad the ability to use it.
  • Railroads: You also pay coins for these. The number of coins increases depending on the number of railroads you have.
  • Licenses: You pay 50,000 coins for each license.

Generating Resources

Bux can be turned into coins at about 200 coins per bux. The only ways to get more bux or crates are to 1) ship them, 2) receive rewards for leveling or completing an achievement, and 3) be lucky and tap them while watching a train. Generally, you will find more crates than bux to open them.

So a lot of your resources will come from the cars you transport. However, your selection of what to ship does not change over the course of the game. So to grow faster, the key is to move more cars per unit time. This is some combination of investing your hard earned currencies into 1) creating more railroads to run more trains effectively, and 2) upgrading railroads to trains with larger carrying capacity and/or move faster.

For example, at the start of the game, your railroads do not serve many cities, so their selection is limited. Without coordinating pick ups and drop offs, the bulk of your cars will be less valuable cars. For a small train with a maximum of 8 cars, you'll want at least 3 cities, preferably 4 or 5 cities, in a line for the railroad to perform close to peak efficiency.

Having more than the starting 3 railroads will earn resources faster. Because the cost of each railroad is larger than the next, each additional railroad will take longer before it pays itself off and starts generating profit for you. However, an early investment will generate more resources in the long run. Remember that each railroad ideally contains several adjacent cities that lie on a straight line. You may also want to consider where your railroads will intersect in case you need to transfer cars from one to another.

Finally, using better trains earns resources faster. A 12-car train, such as a Carbon Steamer, will generate 50% more revenue than a starter 8-car train if the train is on a railroad that can utilize the capacity. The Express trains, while only pulling 8 cars, move about twice as fast.

The smarter your investment, the more money you make, which means more money to invest to grow faster and reach your goal quicker.

Investing for your Play Style

Say you have an Express train and have enough parts to upgrade it. Express trains can have 2 engines and 1 fuel car. Adding the 2nd engine increases pulling capacity from 8 cars to 12. The fuel car doubles the original fuel capacity for the train.

Players whose playing time is concentrated may want to invest in fuel cars. This increases the amount of time they can play until empty fuel gauges grinds the game to a halt. Increasing the number of cars their trains can pull and making sure they always have 4-coin and 3-coin cars to move also help.

In contrast, players who want to get their trains moving then come back much later won't find too much benefit to adding fuel cars since their small fuel gauge won't constrain what they can do (unless their track is very long) and they'll come back to a full fuel meter. Such a player is better off increasing carrying capacity and building long tracks so that each departure generates as much money as possible.

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