Pocket Trains Coins and Bux Guide

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Pocket Trains uses two kinds of currency - coins and bux.


Coins are the basic currency used in Pocket Trains.

Coins can used for:

  • Purchasing new railroad lines
  • Purchasing licenses
  • Building tracks
  • Claiming tracks
  • Repairing trains
  • Swapping trains from the yard

Coins are earned by delivering jobs, catching coins in the air during train travel, or selling completed trains from the yard.

Coins can also be purchased by exchanging buxin the Bank


Bux are the premium currency used in Pocket Trains.

Bux can be used for:

  • Opening crates
  • Boosting a train to its destination immediately

Bux are earned by delivering jobs, catching bux in the air during train travel, leveling up, or completing events.

Bux can also be 'earned' in the Shop by watching short videos (i.e. ads)

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